Scholastic Pedagogical Approach

PSBB Millennium Group of Schools and PSBB Learning Leadership Academy offers its learners an inimitable opportunity to grow and develop through a diverse and promising curriculum interspersed with a myriad range of activities.

Through Inquiry-based learning, students are taught to take ownership of the learning process and are motivated to positively engage and involve themselves by setting personal goals.

The curriculum designed is the outcome of extensive research, planning and preparation by experienced staff. The group of schools incorporates an effective pedagogical approach - a one that focuses on the core components of modern learning: metacognition(reflection), critical thinking, technology, problem solving and project-based learning and application-oriented assessment.

‘ELVES’ – an acronym for Environmental, Life skills, Value,  Emotional and  Social  Awareness, a  unique system formulated and followed by PSBB, is a methodology that helps to facilitate a comprehensive approach to the learning experience.