The school encourages emerging sportspersons by offering them adequate training. Students take part in various regional, state and national level championships. The Physical Education department plays a pivotal role in preparing the children to participate in athletics, hockey, football, basketball and cricket, to name a few. The NCC unit of the school is an active segment of the PE department. The students of the unit are trained to become certified cadets.

Performing Arts

Going by the ethos of taking forward Indian values and traditions to the future generations, the school exposes student to various genres of music and dance. Annual events like the Bhajan Sandhya and Thiyagaraja Aradhana offer the taste of Carnatic music to the young children. The school anniversary brings out the dancing prowess of the budding dancers every year.

Creative Arts

Periodic Art Fests and art exhibitions display the creativity of the students. The paintings of "young Picassos" adorn the walls of the school. 

Pericles Gavel Club

The only club in the city to be chartered by Toastmasters International, USA. The weekly meetings offer a platform to create proficient and confident speakers.

Educational Trips & Excursions

Students are taken out to nearby places to break the monotony of the daily routine and to have real life experiences. The trips are truly educational and informative.

Social Outreach

Students of the high school & high-secondary classes are given opportunities to become socially responsible by involving them in activities such as tree planting/energy conservation drives, road safety awareness programmes, old age homes/orphange visits. These programmes make the students responsible and independent.

Student Bytes

A website corner to showcase the writing skills of the students. Poems, short stories, experiences, opinions and articles feature adding pride to the students.

Special Days of the month

Important days in the Calendar are celebrated.