Inter Millennium Events

Our Inter Millennium competitions have proved to be a great way to promote healthy competition among students. Inter Millennium Events include - 

  • Millennium Miracullum-Creative Writing
  • QUESTA- Quiz 
  • VakyaYudha- Debate
  • Eureka-Science Fest
  • ArtFest - Art

These competitions provide a supportive environment providing a wonderful opportunity to step in and teach younger generation valuable life lessons about developing the right attitude toward facing challenges.

Major Events

The events  during the year set up an exciting learning atmosphere to create a brain-firing environment that will unleash the creativity of both the teacher and the taught. They provide students a rostrum to showcase their talents and ensure that each and every child experiences the joy of learning.

Annual Educational Project 

Our Annual Educational Projects facilitates a great learning experience through avant-garde pedagogical techniques. Above all it promotes, the process of procreating happy children with values, a solid intellectual formation and helps to inculcate positive leadership qualities during formative years.

Level wise Class projects are a regular feature which encourage well researched and presented projects by our student community.  

Annual Day  

Our Annual Day is an occasion of celebration and festivity. Students come together to display their talents through wonderful performances. It’s also a time for team work and being proud of what the school stands for and believes in. The ingenious thematic presentation in total theatre is a melange of interesting dance, drama and music.

Kids Fest

Kids Fest too add colors to our Annual Day celebrations. 

Sports Day 

Sports and physical education is an essential part of the curriculum for the development of growing minds. Our Sports Day aims to showcase how mental, physical development and social skills are promoted throughout the year.


PSBBM CBE is a name to reckon with in MUN. We are top ‘MUNners’ and have taken MUN to a whole new level both within and outside the city! Students attend MUN(Model United Nations) forums held across the city and have won laurels. Regular MUNning has served as a platform for extensive research on foreign policy. They have greatly benefited by making unforgettable memories, gained a broader perspective of the world and emerged responsible global citizens.