What is the admission process?

The parents would have to register the child online for the age-appropriate class and submit documents accordingly

Is there a deadline for applying for admissions?

Admissions will be made around the year, subject to vacancies in the concerned classes

Whom do I contact for admissions?

  1. Parents can send their enquiry on mail to: admissions.cbe@psbbmillenniumschool.org
  2. Parents can call on. (0422) 2908237, And they will be guided on the admission procedure

Does the school provide transport? 


How is safety ensured in the school bus?

We carefully screen drivers and equip buses with all the latest safety equipment, such as rear-view cameras, speed governors, cameras inside the buses, and lady attendants

What is the medium of instruction?


What is the student-teacher ratio at PSBBM CBE?

The ratio is approximately 36 : 1

How does the school train students for the CBSE curriculum?

  1. Teaching in class goes beyond textbooks
  2. Students are encouraged to carry out Research-Based Projects
  3. Students must engage in both academic and co-curricular activities for holistic development
  4. Multi-Disciplinary Integrated Learning and Experiential Learning are part and parcel of our curriculum

What are the other co-curricular activities?

Quizzing, Public Speaking, Art and Craft, Music, Dance, Yoga, Indoor and Outdoor Games

How does a parent reach out to teachers?

  1. For appointments, parents may call the Front Office
  2. PTM or Open House
  3. Communication is sent by Student Handbook

What are the safety and security measures in school?

  1. The school is under constant surveillance of CCTV Network
  2. No easy entry for visitors.
  3. Visitors must go through a security check
  4. Vigilant security staff and floor supervisors deployed
  5. Students encouraged to approach any staff member to voice their concerns

How are students guided to pursue higher studies after class 12?

  1. Career counselling sessions are organized.
  2. Students are encouraged to write competitive exams.
  3. Ample guidance is provided to apply in colleges within and outside the country.
  4. Recommendation is duly provided.