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friday OCT 18
Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination are omnipotent.
~Calvin Coolidge
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18 Jul 2019
The Mysterious Gift - Sanyu som Satpathy (8C)
 On a snowy cold evening
 As I returned from playing
 I saw something bright
 Glowing in the moon light

 Taking a break from sleighing
 I neared the tree 
 Curious to know 
 What it could be!

 Looked like a riddle
 Challenging me to sizzle
 Is it a wild beast waiting for dinner... 
 Or a naughty cat waiting to pounce on me.
 Is it a winning witch
 Right from my granny's story binder
 Though I was puzzled,
 Came with all my vigour 
 To take a look closer, 
 And soon disappeared the flash of light
 I lost all my fright. 
 There was a cute face
 Smiling in grace
 That of a doll
 It resembled my little sister
 In it's all
 Charm and glitter.

 I took it home with a smile,
 Racing the last mile
 Gifted it to my baby sis
 To find herself in a bliss.   


06 Jun 2019
A poem by Lorith Karthikeyan (8B)
"Where there is confidence
-There is success.
Work hard in silence 
Let your success do the noise.
When you become fearless 
- life becomes limitless.
Just when the caterpillar thought
The world was over - it became
A butterfly.
Life is like riding a cycle,
To keep balance you
Must keep riding."


06 Jun 2019
The other Side of the wall - K.Manaswi (8A)
The cement wall was always admirable
For I’ve visioned a sight so memorable 
I could tear apart the wall brick by brick
To see the heaven I would spend every trick

I could hear the notes of the temporary spring
The birds only for me it would sing
The sky stroke different colors at dawn
Red, yellow, orange, purple, blue and crimson

The birds would call me for their supper and dinner 
Their notes would be like the still river
The sunrays danced only for me
This relaxation used to fill me with glee

But the world has been cruel to this tender gift
Oh the joy it shared me, I could enlist
It gives me the saddest feeling to say
All of this happiness has drifted away 

The trees swayed with the rhythm of the wind
Killing it has become a common sin
Bare trees was also a thing to praise
It is much more than the river dancing in the moon rays

Man wants to build useless sculptures of timber
Because of this savage world this grandeur should shiver 
O people! You took everything which belonged to God
There is nothing left to adore.


16 Apr 2019
THE ART STORY - Manaswi.K (7A)
The canvases are here, to display rainbow colours 
True art is back in its wondrous powers
With boards of the moon and the shining stars 
And crafts of pots and strumming guitars.

Krishna plays his flute and Shiva dances with the tune 
And the love birds enjoy the light of the glistening moon 
Our galaxy is in its best way; The way it can be
The unicorns glitter it’s hair for the world to see

The moonlight is aglint athwart the lotus-stream 
The mother is making the child to jump to a dream 
Cranes enjoy the refreshments and relaxation 
The beauty now cherished is a piece of admiration 

Dolphins swim about to reach the sunset sky 
Nightingales chirp the most fascinating fragrance amidst the scenery 

The hummingbird and the butterfly gives life to this greenery 

The lions roar and growl, leopard run
Trees enrich the beauty of bliss and fun
Ballerinas embrace the talent and pride of dance 
This world might just get another living chance 

The daring stallions neigh calls to their mares
And the patriotism each proud soldier bares 
Swans make rivers beautiful, owls arise the night 

Look at Harry Potter with a scar that shines bright!

This world of talent is God’s greatest gift
It makes your dreams run with great swift
The talent sung above are the handiworks of art we embrace 
The children possess great dreams, after it they would chase.


14 Apr 2019
PROMISE - NAPOWRIMO - Sonaa Rajagopal (10C)


Dearest pimple-free angry bird,

Not being too formal like a nerd,

I wish you all the very bests,

Like a home as sweet as cuddling nests


Like living in planets of your favourite chocolate

And also reach out without getting late

To the tallest heights anyone can ever

Dream or imagine, let alone conquer


 But oh dear!

Good times come with bad ones too,

life plays its own terms of peek- a -boo

There has never been a dazzling rise of sun

Without a low diminishing set of sun….


So, If you ever stand small,

Fall out of line every time you get a call,

Remember, everything happens for a reason….


Recall the times when you had no match,

The times when even fear feared you

You'll realise the hurdles are simply no match

 To a dynamic girl like yourself to latch


You and I may be miles apart

In thoughts and ideas , let distance apart.

Cause you see,

There could have been a lot of misgivings within us

Because we are at reality we are two ends of a magnet

But i'll be there for you till the very end


For you my arms are open as a  helping hand

Like an all time flexible wrist – band

Making sure you are not alone

No matter if you are at the saloon!

Or bursting your birthday balloon!!



I not  just wish you with all my heart

But also ensure with my soul

That you will have yet another

Beautifully lit year like no other!!!!  


14 Apr 2019
My Lovely Teacher - NAPOWRIMO - Sonaa Rajagopal (10C)

 When I went strolling,

 I fell on the hay,

A kind soul came running, And made up my day.

Toffees, chocolates, icecreams

Were all she bought

Tell me all your dreams

Was all she sought

Friends, holidays and tours

On all did we talk

Funny stories of ours,

Did we all mock

Atoms and oxygen

Were the few she taught

Be kind to men

Were the others she taught

But the best she taught

Was no matter what

Be honest and true

 Even if the world is not

Emerged a contest to prove oneself

Where you had to be true to yourself

Keeping to her words I didn’t cheat

Although I knew the nerds Could beat

Against all wise, I was chosen

For my answers precise

With truth hidden

I ran up straight

And hugged her to the chest

Let us not hesitate for Honesty is the Best.

I screamed in delight

On the sight of the toy

She bought me that night to celebrate my joy.   



14 Apr 2019
My Dear Teacher - NAPOWRIMO - Sonaa Rajagopal (10C)

A mother in love, so pure in the heart,

A father in care, so perfect to the core,

A brother in courage, she asks us to show,

A sister in sharing, the knowledge she shares,

A relative in difficulty to part our sorrow with,

A friend in joy to double our happiness, 

Our dear poor teacher!

Has to play all these roles!!!


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18 Jul 2019
The Mysterious Gift - Sanyu som Satpathy (8C)
06 Jun 2019
A poem by Lorith Karthikeyan (8B)
06 Jun 2019
The other Side of the wall - K.Manaswi (8A)
16 Apr 2019
THE ART STORY - Manaswi.K (7A)
14 Apr 2019
PROMISE - NAPOWRIMO - Sonaa Rajagopal (10C)
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