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monday DEC 10
God, our Creator, has stored within our minds and personalities, great potential strength and ability. Prayer helps us tap and develop these powers.
~A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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The resource coordinator can add its photographs of important events in the Photo gallery. Photographs may be organised into Albums.
Class II - English Literature - Star sticking activity
Children brought various coloured stars and stickers and they were asked to draw a pattern or constellation of stars of their own and stick stars stickers on them. They enjoyed doing it.

Class II - English Language Activity - Wealth out of waste
With coconut as a base, children were asked to bring anything made creatively and useful and were displayed. This made them aware as to how they can make use of waste things effectively rather than dumping them.

Class II - EVS Activity - Health Set Go
On an A4 sheet, the healhy food and the junk food were drawn by the children which they enjoyed and coloured it with vibrant colours. They ticked the healthy food and crossed out the junk ones. This further invoked a sense of knowledge towards healthy eating behaviour.

Pre KG - Classroom clean up day
Class room clean-up day was celebrated by Prekg on 27th November 2018. All the children were involved with great enthusiasm in the cleaning of their class room. This helps to inculcate in children good habits such as sense of responsibility and care. Children were taught to keep the things back in the respective places and also learnt to keep themselves and their surroundings clean.

Pre KG - Thanks giving day
Thanks giving day was celebrated by Prekg on 26.11.2018. Children were encouraged to tell a heartfelt magical word “Thank you” to appreciate and acknowledge people surrounding them. They were taught to say thank you, whenever they get a help or a gift from someone. Children made their own thanks giving gifts using palm prints and ice cream sticks. They have been asked to give it to someone they wanted to thank to.

Worshop on Artificial Intelligence
A workshop on Artificial Intelligence was conducted in our school premises for students of classes XI and XII by IT professionals

Vigilance Awareness Week
Students of classes 6,7 & 8 spoke about eradicating corruption from the society and the importance of being truthful in day-to- day lives.
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23 Nov 2018
How to approach HOTS? - Ms Saju
06 Oct 2018
Why say 'Nay’ to the Internet - by Ms Anusha Krishnan
16 Sep 2018
Saree -A Wondrous Journey by Pratheepa Ramani
11 Sep 2018
Poem by Mrs. Karpagam P.G
11 Sep 2018
An Article on Hindi and Us by Ms Reshma Sharma
03 Dec 2018
LIT FEST-LINGUA SAFARI-[2018] - A GREAT EXPERIENCE from the participa...
03 Dec 2018
Math in our Daily Lives - Akshay Menon S and Abishek A M - Class X B
01 Dec 2018
Cinema - Naman D M - Class X B
30 Nov 2018
Pity our Adult Children - B.VIjayasri - Class X B
27 Nov 2018
Hindi Poem - Sona Shiras - VI E
01 Dec 2018
Coimbatore Sahodaya Inter District Senior Athletic Meet 2018-19
22 Nov 2018
Mock Drill - Classes IV , V and VI
20 Nov 2018
CBSE National Athletics Meet
09 Nov 2018
Freedom Run
26 Oct 2018
Coimbatore sahodaya Badminton Tournament (Boys)
06 Dec 2018
Guest Edition - The Times of India
05 Dec 2018
Gavel Club - 4th meeting
01 Dec 2018
Gavel Club - 3rd meeting
30 Nov 2018
Gavel Club 2nd Meeting
30 Nov 2018
Cooch Behar Trophy- Under-19 Cricket Tournament
08 Dec 2018
Class VI - International Men's Day
05 Dec 2018
Class II - Plant life
05 Dec 2018
Class I - World Conservation Day
30 Nov 2018
Math problem solving activity - Class X
30 Nov 2018
Class VI - National Integration Day
19 Nov 2018
23 Oct 2018
Toastmaster's Club - Demo Session
13 Sep 2018
Mock Emergency Evacuation Drill
06 Aug 2018
Dell Champs 2018
02 Aug 2018
AQMEN Quiz 2018-19
01 Dec 2018
Math Day
26 Nov 2018
UKG Annual Day Celebration
16 Nov 2018
International School Library Month - Bookmark Exchange
14 Nov 2018
Children's Day
09 Nov 2018
UN Day Celebration - Classes 6,7 & 8
06 Dec 2018
Clash of Pi - Winners
03 Dec 2018
Mahatma Gandhi Quiz Contest
01 Dec 2018
Lingua Safari - 2018 Results
30 Nov 2018
School Stars - Talent Hunt
28 Nov 2018
4th International Abacus Competition Dubai