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wednesday MAR 29
In Asian languages, the word for 'mind' and the word for 'heart' are same. So if you're not hearing mindfulness in some deep way as heartfulness, you're not really understanding it. Compassion and kindness towards oneself are intrinsically woven into it. You could think of mindfulness as wise and affectionate attention.
~Jon Kabat-Zinn
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Pre KG - Messy Day Celebration
"Messy Day" was celebrated by the students of Pre KG on 23rd March 2017. Foot print activity was conducted and palm print was done on a chart. Children were insisted to keep their surroundings clean.

Class III GA - World Forest Day
"World Forest Day" was conducted for students of class III to raise awareness among the children about the importance of different types of forests. The students prepared posters on the same.

Class V GA - Science Day
Students spoke on the topic "Contribution of Indian Scientists to the world of Science"

Class II - Mindworth Reading Programme
As a part of Mindworth Reading Programme, children read "I am Ann", an interesting book about an elephant. The children brought charts related to the topic "elephant" and shared lots of information about their trunk, tusk, eyesight and hearing ability. They spoke about the characteristics of elephants and the methods to preserve them.

Class II Project - Young Scientists
Students of class II demonstrated few science experiments for the project. The audience as well as the participants enjoyed the science games as they were very much informative.

Class II GA - Human Body
Students of class II shared interesting information on various internal and external organs of the human body.

Class I Project - Nitty Gritty Facets
Students of class I had a multi-disciplinary project 'Nitty Gritty Facets'. Children explained their projects to the visitors enthusiastically.
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18 Nov 2016
ISA- Advertisement for Social Causes - Poland Intern's Visit
23 Feb 2017
A REVELATION- Mrs. Manjula.N
24 Jan 2017
Review of Primary Colours
18 Nov 2016
18 Nov 2016
27 Mar 2017
How would a page from my autobiography look like..by Siddharth.G - II...
03 Mar 2017
A Poem on River by Akshay.P of III C
18 Feb 2017
A Poem on Earth by Pratik Arjun of III D
17 Feb 2017
A Poem on Earth by P.Aneesh Saarathi of III D
17 Feb 2017
A Poem on Earth by Aissvarya of III D
08 Mar 2017
Parent Feedback - Thiyagaraja Aradhanai
06 Mar 2017
Dr. Ambedkar Quiz - 6th March 2017
22 Feb 2017
Spic Macay - Manipuri Dance Performance by Sri Sinam Basu
04 Feb 2017
A letter of appreciation
03 Feb 2017
Sprint 2016-17
24 Mar 2017
Class III GA - World Forest Day
16 Mar 2017
Class II GA - Human Body
10 Mar 2017
Class III GA - Women's Day Celebration
03 Mar 2017
Class III - National Science Day
03 Mar 2017
Class V - GA - Science Day
07 Mar 2017
Thiyagaraja Aradhana
24 Feb 2017
School Anniversary - Wandering Soles
12 Jan 2017
25 Nov 2016
Science and Discovery Fest 2016 - Eureka
26 Jul 2016
Article about KG department
25 Jan 2017
Grand parents Day
12 Jan 2017
Pongal Day Celebrations
23 Dec 2016
Ramanujam Day Celebrations
22 Dec 2016
Christmas Celebrations
21 Dec 2016
Bharathiar Day Celebrations
17 Mar 2017
Accolades 2016-17
17 Mar 2017
Accolades 2016-17
13 Mar 2017
Cello Pointec - The Handwriting Wizards 2017
10 Mar 2017
06 Mar 2017
Questa Junior - Finals