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thursday JUL 27
In Asian languages, the word for 'mind' and the word for 'heart' are same. So if you're not hearing mindfulness in some deep way as heartfulness, you're not really understanding it. Compassion and kindness towards oneself are intrinsically woven into it. You could think of mindfulness as wise and affectionate attention.
~Jon Kabat-Zinn
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23 Feb 2017
A REVELATION- Mrs. Manjula.N

He looked forlorn

Sitting in the last row, aloof

His big, bright eyes

Kept holding me

As I went on with ‘Photosynthesis’

I understood, he didn’t understand

I changed my style and

Assumed he would understand now

But the distant, vacant look

In his big, bright eyes

Disillusioned me.

 Then it dawned, I need not change

My style of teaching but

My empathy and compassion

Was all that was needed.

The day before,

He came to the class

As detention for his actions-

His class teacher took him to

The principal- fuming,

She felt a change of place

Would do him better

Hence he was here.

No notes were maintained-

‘Notebooks are at home’-

Pat came the answer.

‘All the notes?’

‘No, a few had no pages left.’

Others were friendly still

Some had complaints against him

For each incrimination

A counter was given

If he was lost

His tear-welled eyes

Gave back the answer.

Somehow, almost on the verge of losing my cool

I made him the monitor

With a few instructions on

The duties and responsibilities of

His new found power.

I shuddered

With the very thought of

Him, using his power.

‘I trust you’

Was all that I could blurt out.

There was some magic

In those words

The complaints were fewer

His energy was channalised

In disciplining his fellow students.

It’s a positive sign!

Or so I thought.

It created animosity and

There was utter chaos in the class

As he had an upper hand,

Shouted at his peers

And confiscated the ID cards of those

Who didn’t accept his authority.

Again I had to intervene and

Had to take a neutral stand

But with a new tactics, of course

Two rounds of talks with my children

Pacified them to the desired level

For him, it took an extra round of

Cajoling with some pampering

But what brought the

Real make over was

The realization that he was

Accepted with all his flaws

And that I stood by him

And helped him to overcome provocation.

Now, after a year, I see

Him in a different class,

Mellowed down a little

But his big, bright eyes

Still bore me,

Is it still pleading for………?




24 Jan 2017
Review of Primary Colours


18 Nov 2016

 “Manjula, take your class to ‘Sevalaya’ to give the materials collected for ‘Joy of Giving’’. When Principal ma’am said these words, my initial response was that of happiness; as my children were pestering  me for a field trip. Now I can take them out that will keep them quiet for at least sometime. Seldom did I realise that it will be a rewarding experience for my children as well as for me.

 As soon as I informed them to start moving, they got excited. Throughout the half an hour travel they were curious to know why their class was selected to represent the school.  “Ma’am please tell us the reason,” Sumita pleaded. “That’s because we are very naughty”, Ronit and Surya reasoned. “No, ma’am wants us to be more compassionate”, Khushbu said. “We are chosen because Manjula ma’am is our class teacher”. This was Annette’s statement. “Keep guessing. I will let you know once we come back,” I smiled, thinking it would give sometime to come up with a suitable reason.

The chattering stopped immediately when they saw two young puny boys open the gates of the orphanage. They got down the bus hesitantly and stood in a group, silently observing and absorbing the new atmosphere. We were introduced to Mr.Sam, the incharge, by Mr.Jeevarathnam. He asked us to feel at home and have a look around. It was a calm place surrounded by greenery. Few senior citizens were relaxing while some boys were scattered here and there. We were taken to the small auditorium where my children started to arrange the chairs for sitting but when they saw the boys sitting down in a disciplined manner, they too followed the same. Shiva, a 7 year old, prayed for our well being. Sanjay, a 11 year old, told us about their daily routine. Then the other boys came forward to say about their life , which broke the ice, as our children started interacting with them. Muthamil asked them about their day to day activities.  Adithya asked about their school and Anshula felt that it was good to take care of ourselves.                      

Our boys were invited for a foot ball match. The ground was grassy and to our surprise they played barefoot. The match helped the boys to mingle and make friends. The girls were fascinated by the cows and we got to taste the delicious coffee prepared from fresh milk. Then, Maduraiveern showed us around their kitchen garden from where they got all the vegetables and pulses for their kitchen. Each child was responsible for a row of plants. They also learnt how to take care of the plants to get the good yield.  Their dining room was small but clean and the food served was simple but healthy. The plates and place was cleaned by the boys themselves.  Our children were amazed to seen how these children took care of themselves and their surroundings. Saturdays was maintenance day as they divided themselves into groups of five and cleaned the whole place and made it free of plastic and garbage.

 We gave the things collected from our school. They were very happy and thanked us profusely. It was time to leave but the boys didn’t want to stop the game. They reluctantly bid goodbye to their new friends.  Vineeth found it difficult to believe that these children had no parents. Rupesh gave Rs.20, which he had for canteen, to the in charge teacher and wished that he had more money to give. Malavika wanted to celebrate her birthday with these children. “I did not want to come here as I thought I would be teased but nothing of the sort happened,” gushed Tarini. Kavin and Vishnu went around showing the cocoon which they got from the badam tree. Roshini was busy thinking about the calf. Hope all these impressions doesn’t  wither away with time (even my very silent Harish was showing his house to everyone on our way back). They were all impressed by the way the children were looking after themselves and understood the value of not wasting food. Now-a-days less prompting is needed to make them finish their food and keep the class clean. It is a positive sign !


18 Nov 2016

In my cruise, the last six years, I have met with numerous ups and downs.

My reminiscence helped me to realize the hand of my fellow crusaders in overcoming these obstacles as if it was a bed of roses. So here goes my gratitude as a humble ode:

She stands testimony to the fact that I too had my share of glowing, joyous period in my life; my college days. Thanks Karpagam.

Her blooming(metamorphosis) into a daring butterfly from a timid cocoon  is an inspiration in itself. Thanks Sindhu.

Her bindaas attitude brings a silver lining amidst the dark clouds. Thanks Deepa. Never stop putting your best foot forward come what may. Life’s petty troubles couldn’t deter her from doing her duties. Thanks Siva.

Keeping cool even when the mind is troubled I have learnt from you, Suguna. Thanks.

Love and concern for one and all. Thanks Kamu.

 You have taught me to say NO firmly. Thanks Saju.

You always have kind words for everyone. Thanks Poornima.

She never gives a comment just to please me but I can rely on her for the truth always. Thanks Mangai mam.

Your hard work amazes me. I have learnt to be humble from you. Thanks Binita.

She reminds me of a Tamil proverb (referring to the size of the mustard and its flavor.)

Thanks for your timely help, Janu.

You inspire me by showing that age has got nothing to do with learning. Thanks Janaki mam.

The way you carry yourself -Wow Priya.

How we faultered and learnt in the process!

Great experiences-wasn’t it, Roopa?

You make me smile, in whatever mood I may be, with your humour. Thanks Maha.

Nothing can stop you from executing your responsibilities, right Divya?

My friend in the true sense. Thanks Renu

Thanks Anu, for introducing me to my artistic side.

Music in any form is bliss. Thanks Abilash for helping me experience it.

Mr.Vijayabarathi, your passion for Tamil is contagious. Thank you.

Your company keeps us alive and kicking. Thanks Habi.

Sheela, I admire the way you captivate the children with your language.

Ganga, your dedication towards the children is what I would like to achieve.

Your motherly care overwhelms me, Thanks Renuka

Jeeva Sir, thanks for showing the right path in times of crisis.

You are always ready with a smile even though your hands are full.

Thanks for all the help .Padhmini.

You have changed my whole perspective of colours. Thanks Ranjani.

The grace with which she carries herself, her earrings never failed to go with her saree and the neck piece is never far behind. It’s a pleasure to just have a look at you, Jesintha.

Confidence just exudes from your every cell, Lalitha, which I admire the most.

Your steadfastness is mind-blowing, Padma.

God bless you, Teresa.

I wish I had your patience and perseverance, Anitha.

Thanks for being my partner, Anusha.

Swarna mam, thank you for giving such a congenial atmosphere to work peacefully.

I have understood the literal meaning of being a friend, philosopher and guide from you.

                                                                                                                                                Thank you mam.





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18 Nov 2016
ISA- Advertisement for Social Causes - Poland Intern's Visit
23 Feb 2017
A REVELATION- Mrs. Manjula.N
24 Jan 2017
Review of Primary Colours
18 Nov 2016
18 Nov 2016
22 Jul 2017
Creative Work of Class II students
22 Jul 2017
A walk in the morning - Advika - 7 E
07 Jul 2017
Integration Day - Neha S of VII E
07 Jul 2017
Nature's Beauty- Aadvika S of VII E
07 Jul 2017
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19 Jul 2017
19 Jul 2017
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15 Jul 2017
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11 Jul 2017
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28 Jun 2017
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28 Jun 2017
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25 Jan 2017
Grand parents Day
12 Jan 2017
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17 Jul 2017
First Place in Bhajanothsavam Inter – School Competition
11 Jul 2017
S Abhinav - 3rd place in Badminton in U10 Boys Categegory
19 Jun 2017
P Ankush - Passed the 6th KYU Orange Belt in the art of Shito Ryu Kar...
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