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monday DEC 10
In Asian languages, the word for 'mind' and the word for 'heart' are same. So if you're not hearing mindfulness in some deep way as heartfulness, you're not really understanding it. Compassion and kindness towards oneself are intrinsically woven into it. You could think of mindfulness as wise and affectionate attention.
~Jon Kabat-Zinn
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23 Nov 2018
How to approach HOTS? - Ms Saju

HOTS – Higher Order Thinking Skill -a skill that brings out a student’s natural ability for more complex forms of learning. This involves learning of other skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. As mentioned in Bloom’s taxonomy, these skills are reflected mainly by analyzing evaluating and creating.

According to me higher order thinking is anything which lets us get away from the limits of the written text in a book and allows us to look the same text as a whole and get to the answer with intense analyzing and reasoning. I think this art can never be taught to any student because teachers only sow the seed in them but it is the students who have to nurture it in to a full grown tree.

It is much more than just memorizing the facts. We can foster this skill in the classroom by reinforcing the concepts that encourage analyzing and questioning. A strong base has to be framed to move to the sophisticated level. Out of the box thinking can be encourage through expanding discussions. Visual learning must be encouraged as a picture is worth a thousand words. HOTS are something that every student, every teacher and every teaching institution must emphasis upon. They must understand that special skills are needed to solve a HOTS question and such skills are indeed very important for a student’s development.


06 Oct 2018
Why say 'Nay’ to the Internet - by Ms Anusha Krishnan

Everybody's life is full of stories and so is mine. One of those stories has been very crucial in shaping me and my life.

Okay, so I was this regular Jane college going girl when my mother was diagnosed as terminally ill with a fatal disease. Yes, the C word. It shattered our world into smithereens. Apart from handling the tremendous psychological pressure, suddenly the onus of cooking was on me and I was pushed rather unceremoniously into the 'big bad world' of cooking.

Initially, my aunts took the trouble of sending food for us. One of them even taught me how to cook a couple of dishes like idli and idiyappam with less oil and salt so that my mom can eat them. My mother sometimes used to weakly beckon me from her bed to feebly explain how to cook dishes like upma, rice, rasam and roti and I blindly followed her without being able to apply my mind to it. I wasn't able to because it was awful to watch her sink everyday. She felt that guilty helplessness that every Mother naturally would feel and I'd drop everything and just be by her bedside. I'd feel useless. Terribly useless. And I stopped believing in miracles when she passed away.

A loved one does not pass away. They take a big piece of us when they go. The horrible part of life is that we live in a fantasy bubble thinking that our parents are immortal and when the inevitable happens, not only had destiny delt you a cruel blow, but also demands you to return to the rigours of everyday life.

As kids, my sister and I had the habit of jotting down recipes from magazines and cookery shows. So I had close to about 1000 recipes to fall back on when I was off to a shaky start. That, more often than not, wouldn't be enough and I'd look up the Internet for inspiration.

Truth be told, I stumbled upon the right food forums when I was already comfortable with what I was cooking for my family. I knew the basics of cooking already and I was able to badger on without much hassles as cooking made me happy. It gave me the much needed distraction. That's when you realise that these forums was like a Merc gifted to a battered Maruti driver. Eventually cooking and baking became second nature. No more looking back…

 So apart from teaching I do what seems very mundane- looking up the Internet and learning a lot of stuff from it. From how to bake a brownie to how to make investments. Life has been my best teacher and the Internet has offered some solace in times of hardships. For some of us just can't pick up the phone and call Mom.


We all know that technology is neither good nor bad. It's what we make out of it. So the next time remember to turn of the WiFi and mobile data on all your ‘smart’ devices before cursing the Internet. Be good to yourself and the things around you. Life will be good. 


16 Sep 2018
Saree -A Wondrous Journey by Pratheepa Ramani

I gave myself a soothing Pat,
Told myself I need to do that,
Came my way the saree challenge,
Which gave my heart that bit of drench,

Got ready with my select sarees,
I gave myself a sense of ease,
Each one shows their uniqueness,
With which I love to make a jest,

When I wore each one of them,
They brought out in me a feel of realm,
It gave me a sense of pride,
My heart felt the height of tide,

Saree!!! You bring out the cute feminity,
Which invokes in minds, curiosity,
Would always capture my mind and heart,
Never will we go aloof and apart.


11 Sep 2018
Poem by Mrs. Karpagam P.G

Karpagam P G - Dept of Science.jpg


11 Sep 2018
An Article on Hindi and Us by Ms Reshma Sharma
Reshma Sharma - Dept of Hindi.jpg


19 Jul 2018
Annual School Project by Ms Kavitha


All of us need a platform to try our hands on something new and showcase our ability. And without a doubt, the school gives many opportunities to its students. One such is the Project Day. This year the Annual Project Day was organized on the 12th and 13th of July as the topic was ‘The Alternative’.

Honouring us with their presence were Mrs. Gita Gopinath, the Principal of SBOA, Mrs Aasha Pillai, the Asst. vice Principal of The PSBB Senior Secondary School, Chennai & Mrs Shenbaga Ramesh the Principal of Nehru Vidyalaya, Coimbatore.

The propensity towards eloquence made a number of students participate and captivate the hearts of the viewers through their monologues, soliloquy, justification of their characters from famous novels and skits. Lyrics can be an alternate to dialogues was also depicted through a skit by the department of English.

There is no alternative to Math, but there is always an alternative style to teach Math. This was conveyed through music and dance.

Alternatives were given to us long ago but are not in usage was what the department of Tamil reminded us. They quoted various examples from Thirukkural, Thirumandiram and Tholkappiam .The novel Partiban Kanavu, enacted as a 15 minutes drama with vigorous dialogues attracted the viewers.

There is always an alternative source to the existing ones, proved the young scientists, who worked on basic sciences, bio-technology and engineering. Their hands- on experiments portrayed their inquisitiveness and knowledge in the field of Sciences.

The department of Social Science focused on the co-existence of societies from a micro level, imagined village to a macro projection of India sans Linguistic States through their charts, skits, fashion show and games. The depiction of Riverine based government as an alternate to the State government and the live Parliamentary session was enthralling. The ‘upside down’ map i.e., looking at the world not from a northern hemisphere’s perspective but from an eastern or southern perspective was yet another alternative way of looking the past and the present. Community living is an alternate to the present day chaotic life was also depicted by the department.

The depiction of the present education system and the alternative means to it was enacted by the students in Hindi and English accompanied by music and dance.

Whatever may be the source, nothing can replace human mind was conveyed through the cultural show. A stunning performance, a mixture of folk and classical dance to the tunes of Vel and Mayil Virutham, composed by Arunagiri Nathar was mind blowing.

Paintings are not just hues on canvas but is a message to all, said the pictures in the Art Gallery. Creative minds and hands added a large number of accessories to the tinges of shades making the entire room colourful and vibrant. The viewers were wonderstruck on entering this world.

Kovai Talkies ‘The Sound and Light Show’ from the Department of Computer Science received a huge applause for their energetic moves. Right from motion movies to the present day reality show there has always been a choice of entertainment said the Talkies. They also made everyone ponder over the choice they make to make life better.

The two days served as an eye opener for the visitors to look at the world with innumerable alternatives.


16 Feb 2018

Dear students, with the final exams round the corner, a little bit of stress and anxiety would have started peeping in. Most of you must have started preparing in full swing. Focus on completing the notes, getting it corrected, charting out revision time tables and clearing all the doubts, will be topmost on the TO BE DONE list. Physical and mental health would have taken a back seat.

A stable physical and mental health is the need of the hour. This can be easily achieved by concentrating on the food that you are consuming during this crucial period. Do I sound like your mother? Well, studies have proved that what you eat can affect your mood, alter stress levels, irritability and promote calmness.

Physical and mental energy can be maintained with the help of iron and vitamin B, which are found aplenty in cereals, spinach, apples, bananas and dried apricots. Eating at regular intervals keeps energy levels more stable. Instead of having larger meals, have smaller, frequent, balanced meals.

Here are a few tips that would definitely help you:

Breakfast is a must to keep you active and your brain alert throughout the day.

Stay well hydrated with water, fruit juice without sugar, milk, buttermilk, coconut water and anti-oxidant rich, green tea.

Fresh, home-made curd contains calcium and proteins to increase your mental alertness.

Snacking on fresh fruits and nuts boost  your memory and keeps you fill.

Omega 3 fatty acids found in methi(fenugreek), urad dal, rajma, walnuts, play an important role in memory, concentration and even relieving depression. It will also keep your heart and skin healthy.

Snacking on pulses and sprouts in between meals, will suffice for the protein requirements.

Now for the DON’T’s:

Avoid white flour, white rice, sweetened beverages and sugar. Instead choose whole wheat, brown rice, pulse, nuts.

Avoid junk food in any form. Avoid eating out.

Most frequently asked question: How to avoid sleep during exams? Coffee? NEVER. Coffee not only dehydrates but cause heartburn and acidity.

The best way to stay healthy during exams is to eat homemade food, get sufficient sleep at night and little bit of exercise regularly. All the best for your forthcoming exams. May God bless you.


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23 Nov 2018
How to approach HOTS? - Ms Saju
06 Oct 2018
Why say 'Nay’ to the Internet - by Ms Anusha Krishnan
16 Sep 2018
Saree -A Wondrous Journey by Pratheepa Ramani
11 Sep 2018
Poem by Mrs. Karpagam P.G
11 Sep 2018
An Article on Hindi and Us by Ms Reshma Sharma
03 Dec 2018
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