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saturday JUN 23
‘Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire’ , said W.B.Yeats. Indeed, education is deeply transformational, and it affects the essential, human tapestry of life and society.
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16 Feb 2018

Dear students, with the final exams round the corner, a little bit of stress and anxiety would have started peeping in. Most of you must have started preparing in full swing. Focus on completing the notes, getting it corrected, charting out revision time tables and clearing all the doubts, will be topmost on the TO BE DONE list. Physical and mental health would have taken a back seat.

A stable physical and mental health is the need of the hour. This can be easily achieved by concentrating on the food that you are consuming during this crucial period. Do I sound like your mother? Well, studies have proved that what you eat can affect your mood, alter stress levels, irritability and promote calmness.

Physical and mental energy can be maintained with the help of iron and vitamin B, which are found aplenty in cereals, spinach, apples, bananas and dried apricots. Eating at regular intervals keeps energy levels more stable. Instead of having larger meals, have smaller, frequent, balanced meals.

Here are a few tips that would definitely help you:

Breakfast is a must to keep you active and your brain alert throughout the day.

Stay well hydrated with water, fruit juice without sugar, milk, buttermilk, coconut water and anti-oxidant rich, green tea.

Fresh, home-made curd contains calcium and proteins to increase your mental alertness.

Snacking on fresh fruits and nuts boost  your memory and keeps you fill.

Omega 3 fatty acids found in methi(fenugreek), urad dal, rajma, walnuts, play an important role in memory, concentration and even relieving depression. It will also keep your heart and skin healthy.

Snacking on pulses and sprouts in between meals, will suffice for the protein requirements.

Now for the DON’T’s:

Avoid white flour, white rice, sweetened beverages and sugar. Instead choose whole wheat, brown rice, pulse, nuts.

Avoid junk food in any form. Avoid eating out.

Most frequently asked question: How to avoid sleep during exams? Coffee? NEVER. Coffee not only dehydrates but cause heartburn and acidity.

The best way to stay healthy during exams is to eat homemade food, get sufficient sleep at night and little bit of exercise regularly. All the best for your forthcoming exams. May God bless you.


08 Feb 2018
Lessons Learnt as a TEACHER by Manjula N

‘Life is a train journey.’ Somebody had rightly said. Many get in, many get down. Some just vanish from their seats, you wouldn’t have noticed. Some, sitting next to you, leave you abruptly in an unexpected station. But journey goes on till you get down, forever. You don’t know when. Very few leave a lasting impression and make you long for their company in this journey.

I too am getting down to board another train in another station for some other destination, with a heavy heart. The present journey started in 2011, and I would remain thankful to Karpagam for that. I found Hema mam already seated there. With her illustrious leadership and under her able guidance, so far the journey has been pleasant with fond memories, but for this abrupt departure.

Many a lesson has been learnt in this journey of 7 years. Each day has been a new experience, both pleasant and unpleasant, but always with a hidden reward which added up to in molding me into the person I am. The best ones are from my children. When Roopa gave them a piece of her mind the other day, for not taking assembly seriously and letting their class teacher down in front of the whole school, they came up with a innovative program (on Pongal) the very next day and expressed their love for me indirectly.

My fellow teachers are never far behind. Anjali got into the train only in the previous station, but she showed how to mingle with everyone along with her language and cultural difference.  Sindu, she is awesome. She just mocks at herself effortlessly to show that a smile if not a hearty laugh is all that is needed to make you feel fresh at the end of the day. There are a few days, of course, which start with an awful abhorrence towards life. But then, like what the Daffodils did to Wordsworth, bright and exuberant face of Habi flashes upon the inward eye and gets you motivated to face the new challenges of the day. Actually I am planning to take a crash course on multitasking from Habi during the summer vacation.

Sometimes a loud and cheerful ‘MANJU…’ from Suguna is enough for me to get cracking for the day. Nisha has taught me that one should not be judged by his/her stature which holds true for Janaki too. The immense inner strength they exhibit has amazed me many a times. If you wish to express your views, without an iota of hesitation, no matter who you are addressing, then look no further. You have Janaki mam.

Swarna mam has always been the leader who never said ‘Do this or do that’, but has always said, ‘Let’s do it.’ Science Department is the most congenial of all the departments because of her.  

Always extol the virtues of a person. Who knows, it might make her/his day. This I learnt from Jyothi. She never fails to surprise you with a forgotten piece of anecdote from the past, to bring that glow of satisfaction which no other job can bring. To be transparent and open, I have learnt from Kavitha. Speak from your heart and make a friend for life is what she did to me. Padma, reminds me of the Rock of Gibraltar of the Mediterranean. Take a stand and never be cowed down by excruciating remarks. Latha’s    dedication towards work has never taken a back seat due to any reproachful remark.

 A genuine smile can touch you and rejuvenate your whole being. I am not exaggerating folks, you can experience it for yourself when Renuka (3rd std) smiles at you. You can easily make a permanent place for yourself in a person’s heart through their stomach. Anusha’s baking skills, Brindha’s akkaravadisal and Anu’s Paneer Butter Masala have succeeded in doing that. If you don’t believe me, just try it out and find it for yourself.

I was of the opinion that dressing is always for comfort. At this age, you wear something in which you feel comfortable and not for what others might think of you. But Jescintha has broken that myth. At times you have to dress for the occasion too. It does bring out the best in you.

The real Zen like state was experienced on the night (2.30 am to be precise), in the dimly lit room of the city hospital, waiting on Mangai mam, when she exclaimed emotionally, ‘Manju, remember, don’t you ever lose your friends. Try, take an effort and keep them forever.’  

The Herculean task of conducting 14 odd Olympiad Exams became a cake walk due to the compatibility displayed by Rasmi and Jyothi. The School Project and Annual Day’s continued success is testimony to the power of teamwork exhibited by all of us.

I would definitely miss all these wonderful people around me; the bliss of friendship. And I have missed out a lot of them in this small effort of mine to express my heartfelt feelings. I am sure I needn’t keep reiterating my bond with them, just a smile here and a nod there, or a pat on the arm is all that is needed to satiate the yearning for belonging. I would always remain indebted to The PSBBMS for this idyllic experience and wisdom gained.


17 Jan 2018
The Annual Day by Ms Anusha Krishnan

Our school, PSBB Millennium, Coimbatore for our Annual Day staged Kalki's, "Sivagamiyin Sabatham", a Tamil historical novel set in the 7th century and is the story of honour, valour, love and friendship. The plot revolves around the events of the Chalukya king Pulikesi II seizing Kanchi which was under the Pallava Dynasty and the Pallava King Narasimhavarman avenging this by attacking Vatapi, the capital of the Chalukyas. 

 The cast and crew numbered a mammoth 570 plus and were aged between 10​ and 60. It was an extravaganza of culture, history, music and dance rolled into one big medley of histrionics. Directing this behemoth must have been the hardest act for the teachers. They met so many challenges. They conquered those hurdles with panache. They stayed committed and it paid. They survived. They triumphed. 

 Afterwards while viewing the show on YouTube, it was a bittersweet moment. A tinge of longing that it was all over too soon but at the same time marvelling at how each student had 'grown' during the process of practice and rehearsals. Their involvement was exemplary, their charisma commendable, the costumes - brilliant and the professionalism on stage totally absorbing. 

 More than the festival itself, the run up to it is the most exciting.  The adrenaline and the vigour was palpable right from the early stages of practice. I shake my head in disbelief and amazement. I'm very proud of my colleagues and my students. All the sweat put has NOT come to a naught. It bore fruit. A nice and delicious one at that. I look away at the window and tell myself that teaching will be dearest thing to my heart and one that I'll ever and always do in my life!


16 Jan 2018
Report on Annual Day by Mrs. Janaki Subramanium

The PSBB Millennium, Coimbatore is known for its unique theme based presentation of the School Anniversary. This year our school took a bold step in portraying, the veteran author of Tamil novels and stories, Kalki R. Krishnamurthy’s famous novel ‘Sivakamiyin  Sabadam’.

 There was an air of approval despite the difficult task ahead. Yes, it was decided to be staged in both Tamil and English languages.  Absolutely there was no compromise in time. It was the same ---one hour programme however vast the novel  is. 

The scripts ready, audition done, backdrops incorporated after careful planning , with technicians from Bangalore and of course the students  selected for various characters in big and small roles, it was great going indulging our children in bringing out their talents as stage artists. Of course the generosity showed by our children to act as trees, birds, sometimes a mute role, but with keen interest and sincerity, is laudable. Their immense contribution helped to take on the play with all its veracity.

   To give opportunity to our talented artists and also with all time consciousness, we had many students playing the same role. I am sure there was no difference as every child did his/ her part so well, that the audience was  spell bound and were on the edges of their seat in anticipation of the next sequence.

We had nine girls playing the role of Sivagami, four as Narasimha Pallavan, again four students as  Pulikesi and Naganandi, who is none other than Nilekesi , Pulikesi’s brother in disguise.

   Rehearsals done and the stage set, our students were ready for the great show on both the 11th and 12th January. The prayer song accompanied by a dance show, invoking Lord Ganesha, a legacy of PSBB schools was followed by our Annual Report, again a class presentation by our students. Our TV Channel brought live our year long achievements and then came the introduction of the characters on stage.

   The audience, sure had no time to wink as it was an excellent show with accurate management of time between sequences. The diction and enunciation, hence forth was exemplary .The highlight of the play was the war sequence and good acting moments by the children who did their roles as Mahendra Pallavan, Pulikesi, Sivagami, Naganandi, Ayanaar and of course every child on the stage whose list would be long enough to mention. A special mention to be made of the students who facilitated to throw open the gates to Pulikesi and his men by Mahendra Pallavan.

    The grand finale showcased the dance forms of Tamil culture as part of celebrating the victory of Mamallan. Yes, it was a collective effort of 575 students, who took us on a mystical journey of Kalki’s characters portraying the happenings during the Pallava Dynasty in 700 AD as written by him.

The Bharatnatyam performed by the girls pertaining to situations appropriate,depicted Sivagami's role the 'Nayaki' of the novel.The songs,some penned by our  teachers added flavour to the story. 'En Sabadam nilaithadu en kanavu kalaindadu' did touch. The production was appreciated by the guests and the whole show still reverberates.

    Our children, the teachers, the principal and the management take pride for having great talents and to have brought such a great show which enthralled the crowd. The absolute silence that prevailed among the audience is a confirmation of the success of a new experience.


13 Sep 2017
Being a Teacher..... by Manjula N

People opine- teaching is a thankless job. May be, because of the pressure of completing the portions on time, corrections, incomplete homework, scolding the mischievous ones (then regretting for the same), taking care of the odd sick child, checking their lunch boxes, preparing the question papers, planning for the activities, department meetings, assembly programs, organizing club activities, submission of reports, discussing the answer scripts, coming up with convincing answers for not giving that half mark, getting ready for sore throat after PTM’s, plunge in to the preparation for the school project and the school anniversary, dreaming of excellent performances after each exam (and getting disillusioned most of the time); the list is endless. Personally, I feel, keeping your temper under check at all time is the most demanding part of the job.

Some of my colleagues differ. They say- you get job satisfaction when you have 35 odd individuals under your wing; you are not dealing with lifeless things; you influence in character-building; you can go home by 4.30 pm (which is next to impossible in other jobs); you get 1 month off with salary each year, etc., etc. Yet others feel you are safe and not exposed to varied issues faced by most of the working women.

But all these are superficial, cursory and external aspects of the job. Over the years I have learnt and felt the real impact of this profession; --when Ponsuhash and Varun want to get me the latest model mobile and only a few sets of diamond jewellery when they start earning,  when Gayathri said it all through a beautiful handmade greeting card, when Hemanth, Pranav and his classmates invited me for their exclusive farewell party,  when Malavika, Srinithi and her friends gave me a certificate for being the best teacher,  when Harshitha jotted down her emotions remembering my lessons, when Nandakishore bid farewell,  when Nithya, a teacher parent felt her daughter, Harsha, understood Biology very well and doesn’t need any help at home,  when Gorove and Rowan wanted me to be their class teacher again, when another colleague, Lakshmi, expressed her otherwise introvert niece, Navya’s feelings for her Science teacher, when the Cultural coordinator, Mrs. Uma Gowri, shared her daughter, Akshaya’s, her niece, Shreya’s and nephew, Swaminath’s pleasant memories of their 6th standard class teacher, when Vineeth remembered to wish a very happy birthday well in advance  the feeling of content, the feeling of achievement is complete. You need not look beyond. Your day is done. You just can’t express it in words, it can only be felt. 


13 Sep 2017
My Tryst with Tamil by Manjula N

It all started when I was thirteen. Dad (IAF) was posted in Chandigarh then. In the Air Force Quarters we, Tamil families got to read Tamil magazines on circulation. School used to get over by 1p.m. My favorite pastime in the afternoons was to flip through the colorful pages of Ananda Vikadan (as Nukkad and Buniyad in DD never caught my fascination). Apart from the array of pictures, the illustrations for jokes had their own attraction.

‘’Mom, just read this piece alone.” “Ask daddy.” “Daddy, please, please read it for me.” “Yeah sure, my dear. But afterwards.” Being an obedient child I never disturbed their siesta further. It took me hours together to comprehend a single printed joke with my limited knowledge of Tamil.

 Then came the much awaited summer vacation. Thatha was a darling. He used to visit the local village library a month ahead of the vacations and stock himself with stories so that he could meet my demand for ‘a story a day’(he had already exhausted his stock of stories from our epics during my previous visits). When I discussed my issue with him, it was he who came up with the idea of learning Tamil during the holidays. He gave me a diary to practice the daily lessons and awarded even a slight improvement in my learning with a bonus story. So ‘Learn Tamil in 30 days’ became a reality in my case!

He encouraged me to continue even after the vacation. We kept the classes alive through letters. An average of eight mistakes in a line came down to one or two mistakes per line.

Next came the memorable college days. Hostel life gave me friends for life and new exposure to Tamil. Seniors gave me the task of translating their Tanglish to Sentamil (as part of ragging, of course). When others were busy catching imaginary hens and saluting in different styles, I was giving speeches in Sentamil to their great amusement.

Thatha used to get Tamil comics on Phantom and 007 and gradually the comics gave way to story books. Then there was no looking back. Thirty years down the lane, I have completed ‘Ponniyin Selven’, ‘Parthiban Kanavu’ to mention a few.

Now my tutor is no more but he would be proud to see me translate the ‘Munnurai’ of a prestigious Tamil book in English.


16 Aug 2017
Poem on Independence Day - Mrs. S. Devamanohari


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08 Feb 2018
Lessons Learnt as a TEACHER by Manjula N
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13 Sep 2017
Being a Teacher..... by Manjula N
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