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thursday JUL 27
I actually think that self-interest is overrated as an all-purpose guide to political motive. It leaves out something at least as powerful and immovable - individual psychology.
~George Packer
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22 Jul 2017
Creative Work of Class II students
Mahati. N - II A.jpg

Mahati.N - II A.jpg

Mathumitha  - II A.jpg
P.Vaishnavi - II A.jpg

S.Yogasree - II A.jpg

R.V.Akshara - II A.jpg


22 Jul 2017
A walk in the morning - Advika - 7 E
A walk in the morning,
Is so nice and heart warming.
Flowers are dancing in the air,
And the weather is so fair.

A walk in the morning,
Is so nice and calming.
A look at the beautiful sky,
To see the amazing birds fly.

A walk in the morning
Is so nice and freshening,
I also glance at the shining sun,
This walk gives me joy and fun.


07 Jul 2017
Integration Day - Neha S of VII E
Neha.S (VII E).jpg


07 Jul 2017
Nature's Beauty- Aadvika S of VII E

Aadvika.S ( VII E).jpg


07 Jul 2017
A walk in the morning - Shruti S of VII B
Shruti.S (VII B).jpg


27 Mar 2017
How would a page from my autobiography look like..by Siddharth.G - III F
I have just won an award for inventing a Time Machine. I have always dreamt of inventing a time machine. 

My time machine travels at the speed of light. It is made of light weight titanium and has a periscope. It has five seats and the seats are very comfortable. It is a portal. I have worked very hard on building it. It can go to both past and the future. I want to see the dinosaurs and know how they became extinct and also see how big the mammoths were. I also want to go to Ancient Greece, learn the art of sword fighting and master the same. I even want to go to the future and see how the world is. I think the world will have WiFi and High Speed Mobile Data across the board and cars will run without fuel. 

I am very happy that I have built it and I feel proud that I have received this award. I can't wait to time travel.


03 Mar 2017
A Poem on River by Akshay.P of III C



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Uniform Vendor is not Available tomorrow (21.7.2017) & day after tomorrow (22.7.2017).
Creating a New Registration in Fliplearn
Admission for the Academic Year 2017-18 is open
LKG and UKG - Geetha Chanting Competition
Availability of Uniform Vendor
26th June (Monday) will be a holiday for Ramzan
PreKG 2017-18 ( (RE OPENING DATE & TIME)
Congratulations to all our X students (2016-17).
PreKG 2017-18 [ Batch I& II List]
Uniform Vendor will not be available 01/06/17 and 02/06/17
Revised Date of Reopening
For New Admission -2017-18 (Uniform Availability)
For New Admission of the AY 2017-18
Fliplearn Portal will not be operational this week.
Orientation Programme for Pre KG Parents 2017-18
Text Books& Note Books for New Admission 2017-18
16th and 17th Jan 2017 are declared holidays. Students to report to school on Jan 18th 2017.
PreKG 2017-18 [ Batch I& II List]
Online Mode of Fees Payment
Timing for the reopening day on 11/10/2016
Kind Attention Parents
Kind attention Parents
Kind Attention Parents
Attention students of STD X 2015-16 Batch.
Class 11 Admissions
18 Nov 2016
ISA- Advertisement for Social Causes - Poland Intern's Visit
23 Feb 2017
A REVELATION- Mrs. Manjula.N
24 Jan 2017
Review of Primary Colours
18 Nov 2016
18 Nov 2016
22 Jul 2017
Creative Work of Class II students
22 Jul 2017
A walk in the morning - Advika - 7 E
07 Jul 2017
Integration Day - Neha S of VII E
07 Jul 2017
Nature's Beauty- Aadvika S of VII E
07 Jul 2017
A walk in the morning - Shruti S of VII B
25 Jul 2017
The Lure and Power of the Box - Mrs. Hemalatha Seshadri, Head, The PS...
19 Jul 2017
19 Jul 2017
'Guru Bhakti' on Broadway by Mrs. Y.G.Parthasarathy - Dean & Directo...
19 Jul 2017
A Lifetime Experience at Spic macay by Nandhitha M of Class XII
14 Jul 2017
Inter- School Quiz Competition
14 Jul 2017
Class III - World Environment Day and World Mosquito Day
14 Jul 2017
Class XI - Debate
13 Jul 2017
Class X - National Integration
13 Jul 2017
Class VI - World Population Day
12 Jul 2017
Class I - World Doctors Day and International Jokes Day
15 Jul 2017
06 Jul 2017
21 Jun 2017
International Yoga and Music Day Celebration
08 Apr 2017
Carnival - Desi Utsav
07 Mar 2017
Thiyagaraja Aradhana
11 Jul 2017
Lollipop Day
28 Jun 2017
Class UKG - Ramzan Celebration
28 Jun 2017
KG - Yoga Day Celebration
25 Jan 2017
Grand parents Day
12 Jan 2017
Pongal Day Celebrations
17 Jul 2017
First Place in Bhajanothsavam Inter – School Competition
11 Jul 2017
S Abhinav - 3rd place in Badminton in U10 Boys Categegory
19 Jun 2017
P Ankush - Passed the 6th KYU Orange Belt in the art of Shito Ryu Kar...
12 Jun 2017
Jaicharan - Certificate of Achievement in Levo Rising Stars Tennis To...
21 Apr 2017