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monday DEC 10
In Asian languages, the word for 'mind' and the word for 'heart' are same. So if you're not hearing mindfulness in some deep way as heartfulness, you're not really understanding it. Compassion and kindness towards oneself are intrinsically woven into it. You could think of mindfulness as wise and affectionate attention.
~Jon Kabat-Zinn
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03 Dec 2018
LIT FEST-LINGUA SAFARI-[2018] - A GREAT EXPERIENCE from the participants of the Lingua Safari

We, from the PSBB Millennium School, Coimbatore found Lingua Safari a great competition. We had a great experience participating in the event and adding to that feeling was the excitement of winning many prizes. The competition was both tough and entertaining. It was a great opportunity for us to learn and enjoy. The participation of many schools motivated us to give our best. The chief guest’s speech was informative and inspiring. We were fortunate to listen to the words of encouragement of Dr. (Mrs) Y. G. Parthasarathy. We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the event and hope to take part next year. 


03 Dec 2018
Math in our Daily Lives - Akshay Menon S and Abishek A M - Class X B

We attended a two-day workshop conducted by the Science Wissen Foundation on the application of Maths in our daily lives. We solved many interesting problems on the first day including some based on the Physics from movies. On the second day we learnt about AI protection based on algorithms that are inbuilt and also about the application of trigonometry in drones. The two day workshop was a very good experience. It has really helped us understand the application of Maths in real life and technology.


01 Dec 2018
Cinema - Naman D M - Class X B

Movies as I see them are not just images flashing on the screen. For me, it is a book to read with proper attention and interest.

Contrary to what many people believe, I don’t see it as a means of entertainment or passing your time but as an art equivalent to painting or singing. It is also a way of expressing ideas and thoughts similar to all other medium of art in a more impactful way.

In fact, cinema gives you a mode of expression better than all because it is a combination of images, sound, music, and dialogues. You can actually relate cinema better than any other medium of art through these collective expressions put at one place. And that’s what can be called as the real beauty of cinema.


30 Nov 2018
Pity our Adult Children - B.VIjayasri - Class X B

Our world is developing, rather

Much faster, thus we have to bother

About things that are moment & further

About our grandmother and grandfather


Days have gone when all of us,

With our  grandparents board the bus

And dodge them and create a fuss

And make them buy the mithai for us.


Now are days we see them once a year

In the senior citizen’s home. They fear

That their beloved ones would abandon them here

And never take the effort to see them once and forever.


Is this what our subjects teach?

Is this what our cultures preach?


We call it a ‘trend’ now

To ditch them with no love

If you are a human let your head bow

With shame and disgrace of how

You have let our adult children in the burrow

Which is labelled solitude and sorrow


27 Nov 2018
Hindi Poem - Sona Shiras - VI E

hindi byte.jpg


24 Nov 2018
My School Rocks - Swathi - Class XII

Being a part of this school for close to nine years now, I could go on and on about how amazing this place is and all the wonderful memories it has given me.I don’t just look at it as a school but as my second home my place of comfort. Every time someone talks about an educational institution they stress upon the quality of education. Our school doesn’t stop there; they place high emphasis on the learning methods our school not only insists on academic proficiency but also on co-curricular activities.

 The one thing I like the most about our school is that we are given the freedom to be who we are. We have been given wings to fly and accomplish in our chosen fields. Our school might seem to be an antithesis to other schools but it this support and encouragement given to us that helps us to grow holistically. This gives us a chance to prove ourselves in the global arena- the international dimensions given to the curriculum stands testimony to this. The school enables us to become who we are. The credit goes to all the faculty members who identify our potential and channelize it in the best possible way.

 I will never the memories I have had here and I am sure they will hold a special place in the canvas of my life and will never get erased in the sands of time.


23 Nov 2018
MILMUN 2018 - Srinithi Bhaskar - Class X

Model United Nations or MUN is an extra-curricular activity wherein students, addressed to as delegates involve in public speaking, debating and researching on a particular agenda. The second interschool MILMUN hosted by our school was scheduled on the 17th and 18th of this month. This session had 7 committees in total, discussing on various aspects of the given agenda. After 2 days of healthy interaction and discussion, each committee came up with wonderful ideas and suggestions and presented what is called a ‘resolution’.

This 2 day session was a wonderful opportunity for students across schools to showcase their talent. It enhances the quality of thinking in growing young minds and boosts one’s confidence. I as a delegate thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt how to tackle a given issue within a limited time, especially during the crisis. The delegates had to come with innovative and sensible ideas to combat the problems faced which enables the student’s critical thinking. To be short, this was a great platform where even first-timers were given equal chance, thus building their self-confidence. I also take this opportunity to thank the principal, teachers and students who have made this event a success. I hope there are more participants in the next annual MUNning session.


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23 Nov 2018
How to approach HOTS? - Ms Saju
06 Oct 2018
Why say 'Nay’ to the Internet - by Ms Anusha Krishnan
16 Sep 2018
Saree -A Wondrous Journey by Pratheepa Ramani
11 Sep 2018
Poem by Mrs. Karpagam P.G
11 Sep 2018
An Article on Hindi and Us by Ms Reshma Sharma
03 Dec 2018
LIT FEST-LINGUA SAFARI-[2018] - A GREAT EXPERIENCE from the participa...
03 Dec 2018
Math in our Daily Lives - Akshay Menon S and Abishek A M - Class X B
01 Dec 2018
Cinema - Naman D M - Class X B
30 Nov 2018
Pity our Adult Children - B.VIjayasri - Class X B
27 Nov 2018
Hindi Poem - Sona Shiras - VI E
01 Dec 2018
Coimbatore Sahodaya Inter District Senior Athletic Meet 2018-19
22 Nov 2018
Mock Drill - Classes IV , V and VI
20 Nov 2018
CBSE National Athletics Meet
09 Nov 2018
Freedom Run
26 Oct 2018
Coimbatore sahodaya Badminton Tournament (Boys)
06 Dec 2018
Guest Edition - The Times of India
05 Dec 2018
Gavel Club - 4th meeting
01 Dec 2018
Gavel Club - 3rd meeting
30 Nov 2018
Gavel Club 2nd Meeting
30 Nov 2018
Cooch Behar Trophy- Under-19 Cricket Tournament
08 Dec 2018
Class VI - International Men's Day
05 Dec 2018
Class II - Plant life
05 Dec 2018
Class I - World Conservation Day
30 Nov 2018
Math problem solving activity - Class X
30 Nov 2018
Class VI - National Integration Day
19 Nov 2018
23 Oct 2018
Toastmaster's Club - Demo Session
13 Sep 2018
Mock Emergency Evacuation Drill
06 Aug 2018
Dell Champs 2018
02 Aug 2018
AQMEN Quiz 2018-19
01 Dec 2018
Math Day
26 Nov 2018
UKG Annual Day Celebration
16 Nov 2018
International School Library Month - Bookmark Exchange
14 Nov 2018
Children's Day
09 Nov 2018
UN Day Celebration - Classes 6,7 & 8
06 Dec 2018
Clash of Pi - Winners
03 Dec 2018
Mahatma Gandhi Quiz Contest
01 Dec 2018
Lingua Safari - 2018 Results
30 Nov 2018
School Stars - Talent Hunt
28 Nov 2018
4th International Abacus Competition Dubai