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wednesday DEC 13
God, our Creator, has stored within our minds and personalities, great potential strength and ability. Prayer helps us tap and develop these powers.
~A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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25 Nov 2017
The Golden Triangle - Bala Niveditha - XI C

Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, the most important cities of India have great history hidden within them .Exploring them was the best part of our trip. The cities were unique in their own ways and had a lot to offer from the past. The busy lanes of Delhi, the symbol of love in Agra and the magnificent palaces of Jaipur makes you wonder with awe. It was a wonderful experience visiting these places and learning about their history and culture.  

I was impressed by the immense knowledge possessed by the Mughal rulers. The Jantar Mantar- the largest sun dial in the world, fascinated me the most. The monuments and the palaces built during their time made me wonder about their abilities to transform their knowledge into such marvellous structures.

On the whole, the entire trip was fun-filled and informative. It enabled us to learn more about our Indian culture and heritage- of course with unforgettable memories with our friends!!


18 Nov 2017
Towards nowhere...-Pranav Manoj - XI A

I open my eyes and find out that I am on a boat. I try to recollect how I ended up there but failed to recover any memory. All I remember is that I was walking on a rope and someone called me and I turned back. Who was he? Why did he call me? I know I saw his face, but could not recollect. As these questions lingered in my mind, I discover that the boat I am on does not give me any sense of security. I look around me and see barren land, trees without a spring of life and abandoned houses. Where am I? I then took a glance of the boat and found just two oars. How on earth am I going to survive with oars? May be I had to just now on until I find some help. So with this thought I start my journey to nowhere. There was something different in the atmosphere I was in. The air smelled different. The water was too viscous. I had to struggle to row on. I looked up. The sky was no longer blue but greyish. I could see myself when looked at the sky. The shape and the characteristics of the cloud somehow showed the inside of myself. I looked back and I was shocked at what I saw!!

As I moved forward, the river I was rowing on or the land behind me disappeared. So there is no looking backwards. The only option was to move forward. As I moved forward, I took a look at my watch. The hands of the clock kept moving continuously. Never had my watch functioned this smoothly. As there was not time there, one of Stephen Hawking’s book flashed in my mind, where it is mentioned that time loses its meaning only in the black home. So…. I am in black hole?! As I was thinking about where I was, something bright caught my attention. It was just a flicker of light far away. The more I thought about it, the more I felt the urge to see it. I rowed fast. After a few distance, all I was able to make out was a big aura of light. The moment I saw it, the thoughts in my head changed to positive side. What if it is a time warp, a time machine, what if it was God? Whatever it was, it gave a big urge to move towards it. I decided to find out something new for the future world so that I would become famous. The land around me was still barren, but showed no signs of inhabitation. The land kept disappearing behind me, as new land kept forming in front of me. I am sure it is one of my fantasy dreams where my parents and my brother are going to laugh at me for this ridiculous journey to nowhere. But come what may, I am not going to wake up until I find out how I ended up in this strange land, that too in a boat and, most importantly, what that aura was.


18 Nov 2017
My Parents - A poem by K.Bhadralakshmi - VII E
IMG_20171110_183408_1 badra.jpg


18 Nov 2017
Eyes in the sky - P.Jyothsana - XI C

The world has been developing in various ways. There are numerous inventions and one of it is the invention of satellites. The space researchers have been designing so many satellites for observing the earth from outer space and to give more clear and in-depth views of the earth. In the past 5 years there has been 13 EO satellites set in the earth’s orbit.  One such idea is now been developed by the joint hands of ISRO and US space agency NASA.

They have planned to develop space-based sensors that can help sharpen earth observation. Also, the joint venture, NISAR will make sensors in the L & S band. Japan Misra, Director of Ahmedabad based SAC says that these sensors can help in observations such as deformation on land surface, details of coastline and depths of ocean to aid in disaster response. Microwave and optical sensors which have a big role in the future are being developed by the SAC. The optical observation capability has improved to 60 cm from 35 cm. Japan Misra has said, “The world is moving towards wearable and miniaturized wireless sensors”.

In Indian aerospace and defence sectors too, there is a need for design and development of futuristic sensors.” Export of these in a big way needs produce of the same in numbers”, said Reddy Chairman of the ASl. There is an expectation of a revolution in the medical, space, defence and environment management by the scientific researches.


18 Nov 2017
Adolescence - Pratika .T - XI B

Adolescence is always an unsettling time, with the many physical, emotional, psychological and social changes that accompany this stage of life. It is the time when a lot of confusions arise. It is when teenagers are exposed to a lot of new experiences. Because of this, adolescence becomes the time when a lot of mistakes are made.

It is during this stage of life that a student is expected to decide on his career, which is a very important and difficult choice a person has to make. This causes a lot of confusions and pressure. A mistake which all teenagers tend to make is avoiding conversations with their parents, and seeking advice from their friends. Friendship is very important, of course. But one has to understand that one’s friend is probably under the same pressure and therefore he cannot give you proper advice. It is better to seek help from an adult that you are comfortable with.

Teenage is a trying time indeed, but like all obstacles, it can also be crossed.


18 Nov 2017
Who is my inspiration? by Shreyas of Class III


18 Nov 2017
Nature by Shreyas of class III


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Kind Attention Parents
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18 Nov 2016
ISA- Advertisement for Social Causes - Poland Intern's Visit
13 Sep 2017
Being a Teacher..... by Manjula N
13 Sep 2017
My Tryst with Tamil by Manjula N
16 Aug 2017
Poem on Independence Day - Mrs. S. Devamanohari
16 Aug 2017
Poem on Independence Day - Mrs. S. Devamanohari
23 Feb 2017
A REVELATION- Mrs. Manjula.N
25 Nov 2017
The Golden Triangle - Bala Niveditha - XI C
18 Nov 2017
I am a girl - Keerthana .C - X C
18 Nov 2017
What travel means to me - Rashmi . C - XI C
18 Nov 2017
Yoga and health - Nivetha .A - XI C
18 Nov 2017
The Reality - A poem by K. Sriram Vikram - VIII D
27 Nov 2017
NCC Unit raised in our school
23 Nov 2017
Journey into History
14 Nov 2017
The Times of India - Taekwondo champion Kriti
09 Oct 2017
06 Oct 2017
Gandhiji's Principles in today's world - D.Nandhika - VIII B
09 Dec 2017
Class XI - Adzap
08 Dec 2017
Class II - Talent Hunt - Quiz Finals
28 Nov 2017
28 Nov 2017
Class IV Talent Display
28 Nov 2017
Class II - Animal Life
04 Nov 2017
Bhajan Sandhya
28 Oct 2017
27 Oct 2017
Paryatan Parv - Classes IV & V
26 Oct 2017
16 Oct 2017
Spic Macay - Tholpava Koothu- Report by Swathi M.V (XI C) & Shreya .V...
24 Nov 2017
Classes VI,VII & VIII - Children's Day Celebration
23 Oct 2017
KG - World Post Day
10 Oct 2017
KG - Smiley Day
28 Aug 2017
Dog Day Celebration
24 Aug 2017
Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration
09 Dec 2017
Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Trophy 2017 - Badminton Tournament
05 Dec 2017
Indian Postal Department - Front Cover Page Contest
25 Nov 2017
54th National Roller Skating Competition
25 Nov 2017
Rising Star State Level Tennis Tournament
25 Nov 2017
Theatre Fest on Retro Nostalgia