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friday OCT 18
Knowlege is power. Information is liberating.Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family
~Kofi Annan
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07 Sep 2019
My Home’s Direction by Deshana Aditi of class VI A

North, South, East, West

I love all directions.

Home is the best,

With all its celebrations.

            With all beautiful lights,

            Decorated in my mind.

            With all lights at night,

            Good night with my kind mind.


07 Sep 2019
King of Kings by Gurumithra.K of class VI A

When the dusk of the day;

Is yet to arrive,

The sun goes slightly down.

The time has come,

The home of the king;

Fills with a loud growl.

The king of kings has come;

Down the steep and lonely forest.

                        The sky is dark

                        With twinkling stars,

                        A quiet and pleasant sky;

                        Is changing, of course;

                        With the ferocious growl,

                        The witness is only the sky,

                        Toil and toil till your ear

                        Has heard all this magic

                                    OF NATURE.


07 Sep 2019
My Little Pup by Ridusri.J of class VI A

I have a cute little pup,

Who drinks milk from a tiny cup.

As I come home from school,

It just sits on my favourite stool.

            Its fur is as white as snow,

            I very well known.

            I made it a tiny, shiny crown,

            To make it give up its ever-present frown.


07 Sep 2019
Rain’s Magic by Gurumithra.K of class VI A

When the far-high sky,

Is steady and ready to cry.

When the clouds move about

Ready to prove themselves.

Humans give way

And pray for their success.

            The trees are bent,

            Ready to be tended;

            The pain is gone

            As the rain has come.

            It makes everyone happy

            And the birds’ wings go flapping.


27 Aug 2019
Oh! I didn’t finish my homework by Vijay Sri of class XI B

I woke up in the morning.

Stretching my hands and still yawning

Overnight chatting and star gazing

Had really led me to oversleeping.

All of a sudden I stood up with a jolt

As I had an acrid thought

Which hit my brain like a lightning bolt

‘cause I had a hindrance that had to be sort.


For I had not finished my homework yet

And it’s been a week since it was set.

I rummaged my bag to find my books

But there seemed no much time. oops!

With a regretful sigh I started for school

Though it didn’t seem very delightful

I tried to make things a bit easy

For I got muddled and a wee bit woozy

Because my teacher was a tough missy

I can’t dally with her it’ll be too messy.

I waited for her to enter the class

With her books piled in her hands –alas!

Instead, there came professor albert san

Who was an old half moon spectacled man.

He announced  loud and clear

That our teacher had taken a day off

And so he was here.                        


21 Aug 2019
Pencil Sketch by Neha Rajesh of class 10B


19 Aug 2019
Mother's Love - A story by Ajan Sai Muralikrishnan of class 7F

Once there lived a boy named Ramesh. He was a very creative boy. He lived in the outskirts of Coimbatore. As he was poor, he was not given respect by the society. One day when he was playing outside of his hut he saw the Chief Minister on his duty. The Chief Minister was going in his helicopter. 

Ramesh stared at it because he has not seen such a marvelous sight. He was so curious that he was constantly making models of it. His mother saw this and said “See if you want to make a helicopter like that you have to study well”. Hearing this he was fully focused at studies. He tried and tried but he could not pass his exams. His mother seeing his hard work and told him that Thomas Edison did not find the bulb invention in the first try, he tried hundreds of times at last he found the invention of a bulb. His mother tried to make him understand the concept. 

Soon he followed his mother’s advice and got his first rank in his school. Later he studied his college in USA. Later he got a job at NASA. He worked there for around 5 years. His boss amazed at his constant hard work he gave him a post of an astronaut. He was given training in the NASA training grounds and after 10 months of hard practice he was ready. 

Many people had tried to get this post of an astronaut including a person named Sangorge. His boss told him that he had 5 months before his aircraft launched. He spent his time with his mother. His enjoyed his time with his mother. On the day of the launch off everyone including Sangorge was present. Before he entered the space craft his personal assistant told him that his mother had died. He was heartbroken. 

He gave away his astronaut post to Sangorge. He took the fastest flight back to Coimbatore to see his mother. His neighbours were astonished that he had given up his post to some unknown person and has come back to take care of his mother who has passed away. 

He was an inspirational person in the NASA community.


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16 Aug 2019
Swatantrata Diwas by Ms Reshma Sharma
25 Jul 2019
Poem by Mrs Janaki S
15 Jun 2019
Poem by Mrs Kannathal
26 Feb 2019
Longing for my belongings ......by Mrs. Janaki Subramanium
23 Nov 2018
How to approach HOTS? - Ms Saju
19 Jun 2019
Under Maintenence
07 Sep 2019
My Home’s Direction by Deshana Aditi of class VI A
07 Sep 2019
King of Kings by Gurumithra.K of class VI A
07 Sep 2019
My Little Pup by Ridusri.J of class VI A
07 Sep 2019
Rain’s Magic by Gurumithra.K of class VI A
27 Aug 2019
Oh! I didn’t finish my homework by Vijay Sri of class XI B
31 Aug 2019
Sahodaya School Complex - Kabaddi Tournament 2019-20 U-14 Girls
26 Aug 2019
Sahodaya School Complex - Kho Kho Tournament 2019-20
19 Aug 2019
Sahodaya School Complex - Kabaddi Tournament 2019-20
02 Aug 2019
Junior District Level Badminton Tournament
02 Aug 2019
Sahodaya Tennis Competition - Boys
04 Sep 2019
Thirty Third Meeting
28 Aug 2019
Thirty Second Meeting
21 Aug 2019
Thirty First Meeting
14 Aug 2019
Thirtieth Meeting
02 Aug 2019
Twenty Ninth Meeting
29 Aug 2019
Career Counselling Session - Classes XI and XII (Commerce)
29 Aug 2019
NCC Tree Plantation
28 Aug 2019
Career Counselling Programme By Akash Institute for classes XI and XI...
21 Aug 2019
Educational Conclave 2019
06 Aug 2019
Our beloved Dean and Director YGP Ma'am departs for her heavenly abode
27 Aug 2019
South Korea - My Favourite Destination by Srinithi Bhaskar of class XI
21 Aug 2019
Our Leader, World's Inspiration by Harshitha Pandey of class XI
02 Aug 2019
Interschool Group Dance Competition - Times of India - 2nd August
29 Jul 2019
MILMUN 2019- Times of India - 29th July 2019
23 Jul 2019
The working of an AI system - Sathyanarayan Sudharsan - Class XII
07 Sep 2019
Class 11 - One on One Challenge
05 Sep 2019
Class 8 - Teacher's Day
28 Aug 2019
Class 4 - Onam
28 Aug 2019
Class XII - JAM
27 Aug 2019
Classes 7 and 8 - Indoor Games
24 Jul 2019
25 Jun 2019
AQMEN QUIZ - 2019-20
17 Jun 2019
Keep in Touch Programme (KIT)
22 Mar 2019
UKG - Class Project
12 Mar 2019
Thyagaraja Aradhanai and Bhajan Sandhya
31 Jul 2019
Decennial Celebration - Inter School Dance Competition
01 Jul 2019
Decennial Year Inauguration
28 Aug 2019
KG - Krishna Jayanthi Celebration
16 Aug 2019
KG - Independence Day Celebration
02 Aug 2019
Pre KG - Shapes Day
02 Aug 2019
International Tiger Day
27 Jul 2019
KG - National Lollipop Day Celebration
02 Sep 2019
Bhagavad-Gita Chanting Competition
20 Aug 2019
Science Carnival - DPS
19 Aug 2019
Ayu Quiz
12 Aug 2019
Bhajan Competition- Jagannatha Swami Temple
12 Aug 2019
SOF Olympiad Winners 2018-19