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tuesday AUG 20
Knowlege is power. Information is liberating.Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family
~Kofi Annan
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02 Aug 2019
South Korea - My favourite destination - Mothika .K - X B

South Korea is a vibrant country in south-east Asia with bustling and charming people. Seoul is a place where there are many good restaurants and cafes for foodies,there a number of theme parks and adventure parks for adventure seekers and there are multitudinous shopping malls which offer everything from souvenirs to designer favorites for shopaholics.There are also great museums and historical sites.South Korea has pulsating night scene.South Korea is popularly called the e-sports powerhouse.


What makes a place or a country an ideal destination?Is it the scenery or monuments or the people and culture or the citizens?Maybe all of them play a vital role in making a country or a place an ideal destination but a destination is a place which is worth making a special journey for.Koreans are warm hearted and hospitable.Keeping these things in mind,my favorite destination is South Korea.


Nearly 51 million people live in Seoul making it the fourth largest metropolitan city in the world,it is a highly developed country and the world’s eleventh largest economy. Its citizens enjoy the world’s fastest internet connection and it is has the world’s second equal access to healthcare,resulting in the third highest life expectancy in the world.South Korea is a global leader in the field of technology and innovation.


Though there are endless reasons to visit South Korea,the reason that tops the list is its rich culture and wonderful festivals.From food to culture and history to religion,there is so much to live about this incredible breath-taking country.The second is that, if you are a shopaholic then only god can stop you from shopping because this country is the ultimate shopping destination.There are humongous stores in Seoul.You can hop on the streets of Seoul to get the trendiest accessories.


Who doesn’t like the idea of getting into a car and enjoy a long drive with your loved ones while enjoying the picturesque locations and the mesmerizing scenery? For those who love nature South Korea is the terminal country.People can rent a car and explore the hidden treasures of the awe taking Jeju Island and have a nice time enjoying the choppy sea and breezy wind.The smooth roads seem to be specifically laid this way for people to enjoy such experiences and spend time alone from the hustle and bustle of their life.


The most popular and favourite characteristic of South Korean cuisine is the banchan and panchan that can be spotted with every meal.Food too is a reason to visit this place.It has a very ancient history and the locals are very proud of their tradition which is why you can see a lot of prevalent heritage sites which are still intact.For an adventure junkie, this place is pure heaven,as you can have unlimited fun with your crazy bunch of friends.


If you are a polymath,then the mesmerizing land of South Korea is one of the destinations to go and indeed it is my favorite destination.It is not only a place full of fun for Koreans but for the tourists too.South Korea has it all to make it to anyone’s ideal destination.


02 Aug 2019
Story in Tamil - K.Sanghavi - Class X B
அலைபேசியே-2 (3).jpg


01 Aug 2019
Impact of technology on todays children- Hiba A N - Class XII C

Technology has given way to new way of living life and children of this era have accepted this gracefully. Even though technology has helped us in many ways, it has also caused few problems to the children.

Social media has turned out to be a boon and a curse for today’s generation. It has affected the childhood of children more than what this world was ready for. Children are obsessed with getting that ‘likes’ and are even pressurized to create an attractive image in the virtual world. What they don’t realize is that they lose their precious childhood with each minute they spend on social media. Children no longer decide where to meet and play after school but they discuss about the time they would be online to chat. They spend their time with technology and gadgets and it compromises on their character building and life experience.

Like every coin has two sides, technology has also helped the kids to be more creative and explore more aspects of life. As long as children have a healthy relationship with technology it can pave way for a better life.


25 Jul 2019
Story by Harini.V - XI B
story 1 - Copy-1.jpg
story 1 - Copy-2.jpg
story 1 - Copy-3.jpg


22 Jul 2019
Save nature - Sanjana .V - class II A


18 Jul 2019
Root Canal Secret Mission - S.D.Deekshitha- Class XI B

(You’ve scheduled a root canal and the dentist finishes up. You pay and head to your car. Once in your car you hear a voice (from the tooth) that informs you that the dentist inserted a government device in your mouth and you’re needed for a secret mission. What happens next?)


I worked my jaw trying to remove the pain. After hours of sitting with my mouth wide open pain seems inevitable. Tonguing the tooth that my dentist had just finished a root canal on, I

move to pay the fee. I walked out of the Dental Clinic towards where my car is parked, and took my place at the driver’s seat. Just as I was untangling the seat belt from a knot I heard a human like voice with a robotic edge to it speak. “Mr. Solace you have been handpicked for your remarkable skill set for a mission, whose details will be revealed shortly. This message has been recorded and is played from a chip which is inside the tooth that Dr. Varun has just finished working on. The mission that was previously mentioned is a top government secret and the information you are about to be told should be kept confidential at all cost......



“It is nice but it feels like it is a part of the ‘Mission Impossible’ series.” I said. “You haven’t even come to the good parts yet!” he exclaimed. “Let me guess he is made to join a group of specialised people who will then save the world from an imminent threat?” I asked sarcastically. His face fell and then he made a face (that absolutely had no effect on me. Honestly!) Therefore I read on....



I was wondering about the remarkable skill set I possessed when the voice continued.

“....the ambassador of Korea is making a visit to our country along with his daughter who is need of a babysitter. This is the place where you come in. You have been identified with above average patience and a gentle manner when it comes to children. Therefore you have been selected for the prestigious position of a babysitter. Your mission should you choose to not accept it, you will be incarcerated in the next 10 minutes and all evidence of your existence will be destroyed. The fee to compensate for the disturbance caused will be shortly deposited in your bank account. Yours sincerely, the Secretary of the secret service.” 

My head was reeling from all that I had just heard. My Phone beeped. I stared at it unbelievingly because there was a message from my bank saying that a seven figure amount has just been deposited in my account. I heaved a great sigh while thinking ‘There was no way of me getting out of this.’ and ‘I have to start looking for a new dentist at the latest.’


I completed reading with a smile on my face. “Well... that was unexpected. I quite enjoyed reading it.” He smiled at me and said, “Read the remaining stories too... I need a critic and a proof-reader. That is if you are willing to...” “I accept but for one condition.”  He looked at me quizzically. “You must do the same for my stories, and no gripping about genres! I was writing angst to become familiar in it too.... and by the way I never got to ask your name.”

He laughed and said “I am Vijay....but you can call me Jay.” “I am Deeksha.” “Then can I call you Deeks?” “Well...yes.”


I had completed reading Jay’s stories by the end of the day. When I saw him in the corridor, I walked fast to catch up with him. “Hiya!” he said upon seeing me. “Hey I completed reading all your stories.” “Really?” he asked widening his eyes “I could only read some of yours sorry....” “Hey, It’s OK. I really liked your one about the girl who use her hair as a weapon! The ‘Unusual Choice of Weapon’ was it?” I said while softly giggling. He too joined in and said “I am reading your ‘At the End of the Rainbow’” “It is the one in which the group of friends follow the rainbow to the other end expecting to get treasure but find a trash can right?”  “I really don’t know where you get these weird ideas from.” “As if yours are any better!”

Our friendly banter continued. Little did I know then how much that person would matter latter in my life...


“Writing up the story of how we met huh?” said a familiar voice over my shoulder , “Can’t say much has changed.” “Well obviously, since you still possess that annoying habit of reading over a persons shoulder.” I said to my husband. He laughed and said, “Dinner is served if your majesty is willing to grace us with your presence.” I too laughed and followed him while thinking my life couldn’t get better.


18 Jul 2019
The Strange Circus - Ängeline Aneesh - Class VI E

I went to a circus and saw a joker

With a floppy dress and a red big nose.

He jumped up and down, high and low on the floor

And he opened a door.

In a second,  animals

Popped through the door.

A bear with an umbrella

Dancing Tarentella.

A seal, very small

Tossing a basketball.

An elephant on a tight rope

Really knew how to cope.

Deer with strange horns

Juggling with the balls.

Tigers on a unicycle

A breath taking arrival.

Each performance was extraordinary

But when suddenly

The joker said, “Wake up

It’s time for school”, and I looked up

Oh! It was just a dream

Which flashed like a gleam.


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25 Jul 2019
Poem by Mrs Janaki S
15 Jun 2019
Poem by Mrs Kannathal
26 Feb 2019
Longing for my belongings ......by Mrs. Janaki Subramanium
23 Nov 2018
How to approach HOTS? - Ms Saju
06 Oct 2018
Why say 'Nay’ to the Internet - by Ms Anusha Krishnan
19 Jun 2019
Under Maintenence
02 Aug 2019
South Korea - My favourite destination - Mothika .K - X B
02 Aug 2019
Story in Tamil - K.Sanghavi - Class X B
01 Aug 2019
Impact of technology on todays children- Hiba A N - Class XII C
25 Jul 2019
Story by Harini.V - XI B
22 Jul 2019
Save nature - Sanjana .V - class II A
02 Aug 2019
Junior District Level Badminton Tournament
02 Aug 2019
Sahodaya Tennis Competition - Boys
02 Aug 2019
Coimbatore Sahodaya Skating Competition - Boys
29 Jul 2019
Sahodaya Skating Competition
20 Jul 2019
Table Tennis Tournament
02 Aug 2019
Twenty Ninth Meeting
28 Jul 2019
Twenty Eighth Meeting
19 Jul 2019
Twenty Seventh Meeting
12 Jul 2019
Twenty Sixth Meeting
09 Jul 2019
Twenty Fifth Meeting
06 Aug 2019
Our beloved Dean and Director YGP Ma'am departs for her heavenly abode
05 Aug 2019
Elimination of reinforced plastic
08 Jul 2019
A visit to Perur Pateeswarar Temple
01 Jul 2019
Tree plantation drive
01 Jul 2019
Decennial Year Inaguration
02 Aug 2019
Interschool Group Dance Competition - Times of India - 2nd August
29 Jul 2019
MILMUN 2019- Times of India - 29th July 2019
23 Jul 2019
The working of an AI system - Sathyanarayan Sudharsan - Class XII
17 Jul 2019
World Population Day - The Times of India
15 Jul 2019
Kind is the new cool - The Times of India - 15th July 2019 - Sanskrit...
06 Aug 2019
Class 5 -Aadi Perukku
05 Aug 2019
Class 3 - International Friendship Day
05 Aug 2019
Class 5 - Spell Bee Prelims and Finals
02 Aug 2019
Class 12 - Speech
02 Aug 2019
Classes 9 and 10 - CBSE Activity - Demonstration of the game - Hockey
24 Jul 2019
25 Jun 2019
AQMEN QUIZ - 2019-20
17 Jun 2019
Keep in Touch Programme (KIT)
22 Mar 2019
UKG - Class Project
12 Mar 2019
Thyagaraja Aradhanai and Bhajan Sandhya
31 Jul 2019
Decennial Celebration - Inter School Dance Competition
01 Jul 2019
Decennial Year Inauguration
02 Aug 2019
Pre KG - Shapes Day
02 Aug 2019
International Tiger Day
27 Jul 2019
KG - National Lollipop Day Celebration
08 Jul 2019
LKG - International Fathers Day
04 Jul 2019
Pre KG - Soft Toy Day
02 Aug 2019
Interschool Group Dance Competition -Winners
02 Aug 2019
Aqua Regia Quiz 2019 - Winners
25 Jul 2019
Declamation Competition
23 Jul 2019
Best District Teacher - International Olympiad of Mathematics
22 Jul 2019
Drawing Competition