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saturday JUN 23
"we can create our own character and write our own script, if properly taught : 'in a very real sense ..........human beings create themselves' and school can be the stage on which children work through the plot, rehearse their roles, learn the cues, create social functions, try out their ' ideal selves ' for size, play hero parts which demonstrate their capability for greatness."
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21 Mar 2018
A Poem on School by Sriram Venkatesan of class I F


I like to go to school,

With a skip and hop,

To play with my friends,

And learn something new,

I like to write and draw and colour,

I like to talk with teachers,

It makes me feel happy,

My teachers are friendly,

I like them a lot,

And that’s why I like my school very much.


19 Feb 2018
Ode to class 12 B - Kalpana S

Here I would like to share some of the qualities of my classmates which make them stand out.

I would start with my bro  who would definitely make it big as a world class photographer. -  Krishnamoorthy    

He is a wonderful person and a fine actor. We saw a glimpse of it on stage when he donned the part of an old man. - Dharanidharan     

He is considered to be the black sheep of the class but surprised us all by settling in life before completing his schooling  - Praveen                            

He may be Dennis, The Menace, in hairstyle, but one day, he will be the best quiz master in the world.  I will not be surprised if he makes a movie - Pranav   

She is my best friend, she is ready to help everyone except herself.  -    Haritha

The cutie pie of the class, will always remind me of the nursery rhyme ‘Piggie on the railways, picking up stones’.   -   Srinithi                                                      

He is the one who made the town pause and look at his poster.    -  Rishi Pandya                                          

I better get his autograph today, who knows, he might be the PM of the country tomorrow.-      Sricharan        

She has hardly left a book unturned in our library and has surprised our external with her intellect.-  Swathi 

Hope he gets acquainted with every one of his classmates before he leaves school.-           Rahul        

She is the guitarist of the class, mark my words, one day she will become an able judge.-     Mrinali

You should open yourself bro, and break all inhibitions and come out of your cocoon.- Krishna karthick

Smile and the world smiles at you. You will go places if you follow your passion – cricket. - Karan

She is a very good organizer and orator. She knows the pulse of her audience. She should try politics seriously.   - Nanditha

She is the chotta dhamaka of our class. There is always fun and laughter where she is. - Khushi

She is one among the very few who is lucky to have a wonderful cook for a mother. - Rushali

He tries his best to keep his promises and is always ready to learn new things. - Nimish

He is playful and enjoys his life and popularity.   -  Tom Paul                   

Thank god, all our fights and hard feelings of class 10 have come to an end and we are able to laugh at it know.    - Sahasranaman

He doesn’t know to hide anything. He speaks out what he has within which has become a rare human quality nowadays.  - Sailes

She is the quietest in the class but also in the good books of the teachers. -     Simran

When it comes to taking care of somebody, it comes to her effortlessly.     -     Preethi  

She is the athlete of the class but I wonder where she gets the energy to be so by being a strict vegetarian.  - Srinithi.

She is always there to clear all your doubts and explain complicated topics in a simple and easy way. - Gowri

She loves you all and wants to be in touch with all you wonderful people forever. Guess? You are right,

Kalpana S                




04 Feb 2018
My views on Democracy by Tarini Agarwal of IX D
Democracy has always been advocated to the common man as the sword that cuts away the shackles of abuse and ill treatment that bound the freedom of man. It is the staff a country and its people lean on to in the time of need. Democracy is the cornerstone of a good government. Today, this same staff of democracy is being used by people on numerous occassions to do wrong. People have made democracy, a weapon, against anything or anyone who is unlike them. Democracy gaurantees us freedom to express our thoughts and opinions. It doesnot though, allow anybody to demoralise and degrade his position in the society. Democracy promises man several extensive rights. The right to take away the freedom of others and the right to touch anybody without their permission was denied. 
 Democracy was a thin ray of hope under the evils that plagued the world. It promised a safe and secure future where everybody was equal in all ways. But even today we live in a world of complete despair. The earth is still a sphere of gloom and disappointment. So then, has democracy fulfilled its purpose?


03 Feb 2018
Poem by Vijayasri.B of IX C

I didn’t finish my homework                                

Unwillingly I woke up in the morning

Stretching my arms and still yawning

Overnight chatting and star gazing

Had really led me into deep sleeping

All at once I stood up with a jolt

As I had an acrid thought

Which hit my head like a lightning bolt                                                                              

‘cause I had a hindrance had to be sort

For I had not finished my homework yet

And it’s been a week since it was set

I rummaged my bag to find my books

But there is no much time it looks

With a sigh I started to school

Though it didn’t seem delightful

I tried to make things a bit easy                                                                                             

For I got muddled and a wee bit woozy

I waited for her to enter the class

With her books piled in her hands-but alas!

Instead there came professor Albert San

Who was an old half moon spectacled man

He announced to everyone loud and clear

That our teacher had taken a day off – so he was here!


02 Feb 2018
My views on Democracy by Harshita Pandey of IX D

Democracy dwells among the lives of more than a billion people in India. It was the messenger of liberty and equality in times when the yoke of aristocrats and the Indian enslavement by the British struggled to gain an upper hand. Today, when difference of opinion is at its peak, democracy is the problem solver. When the downtrodden are not taken into consideration by the society, it is democracy which enhances their dignity. When citizens make a choice and it turns out to be one with unexpected consequences, democracy lets them correct their mistakes.

 In times of need, an accountable democracy comes to the rescue. It is democracy which doesn't let the voices of the unheard go unnoticed. Democracy- one word which makes a country a nation.


02 Feb 2018
My views on Democracy by B.Vaishnavi of class IX B

Democracy could be easily defined as,

                      for the people,

                      of the people, and

                      by the people.

But in India, we cannot really consider this. It is the people who should choose their leader, and not the candidate to choose himself for the election. Election in a democratic country should be free and fair.

It has been over 70 years after our independence and India has faced many twists and turns in her life. We have grown in some areas but we are still falling behind on others. We have a rich culture and heritage to hold on to, but the government is responsible for all this.

Times have changed and so has the word ‘democracy’. Democracy is now,

                      buys the people,

                      is far from the people, and,

                     off the people.

We, Indians, have smart brain than others. But we use it to cheat others in a political way. People living in India realize the mistakes made by the government. They try to speak about it but they turn mute when the government brings it into light. There is right to everything, but everything is not right.

It might take years for India to become a developed country and that it would change every lives living here. I believe that someday, India would become politically strong.


02 Feb 2018
Democracy - The powerful weapon of pepole - Srinithi Baskar

Democracy is a form of government which is by the people, for the people and of the people. It is a form of government where the rulers are elected by the people. Clearly, we can say that democracy is the best form of government because it is more accountable. It enhances the dignity of citizens. It gives a spirit of hope to each and every citizen including the poorest of the poor, making them feel that they have as equal say as their 'betters' do. Inspite of all the benefits, democracy is not a magical solution to all the existing problems. Some people indulge in misdemeanour activities, misusing the merits of democracy. Democracy has now become 'buy' the people, 'far' the people and 'off' the people. I believe that democracy can be cherished only when everyone is given equal opportunities and when democracy doesn’t intrude into a person's life.


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