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wednesday DEC 13
"we can create our own character and write our own script, if properly taught : 'in a very real sense ..........human beings create themselves' and school can be the stage on which children work through the plot, rehearse their roles, learn the cues, create social functions, try out their ' ideal selves ' for size, play hero parts which demonstrate their capability for greatness."
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27 Nov 2017
NCC Unit raised in our school

The 27th of November was an important day in the school calendar. It was the day when the first batch of class 7 students marched out as NCC cadets. The unit was inaugurated by Colonel.Paras Basenett , the chief guest for the occasion. He addressed the students with great patriotic fervor and wished the cadets. The pledge was taken and a brief cultural programme was also organised .The programme ended with the NCC song. The school is sure of taking the unit to greater heights in the days to come.



23 Nov 2017
Journey into History

We, the students of classes 9, 10 &11 were taken to Delhi-Jaipur-Agra by the Eduterra Edventures.We were 48 of us. The first place we visited was the City palace museum. It was a gorgeous building and had a wonderful collection of art &artefacts. The Jantar Mantar was close to the Palace Museum.We saw the world’s biggest sundial “ Samrat yantra”. We learnt how people calculated the latitudes &longitudes of a place in those days.here, we were divided into groups and were asked to form our own sundial. Our next stop was the Amber fort. We explored the fort through the activity conducted by the organisers. The same evening we travelled to Chokhi Dhaniwhere we had the chance to taste traditional Rajasthani food with some entertainment as well.

We learnt the art of block printing and blue pottery the next day on our visit to the factory. Bapu Bazaar was a shopper’s paradise. We enjoyed shopping there.

The next morning we were taken to the Taj Mahal-India’s pride. We listened to the story of Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal and were moved by the love ShahJahan had for his queen. We the visited the Agra fort which is known for its magnificent architecture. The activity which we did there helped us to know more about the fort. Then we visited Fatekpur Sikri,a monument that depicts a striking fusion of Hindu and Islamic architecture. That evening we visited the tallest minaret in the world –the Qutub Minar.We drove past the Rashtrapati bhavan,The Parliament and the India Gate. The India Gate reminds us of the sacrifice of the soldiers who laid their lives for the nation. The Humayun’s Tomb made of sand stone was wonderful.  We also visited the Dilli Haat  and enjoyed the food there.

It was an unforgettable trip which gave us ever lasting memories of the monuments of India. A special thanks to Eduterra for organizing this trip. All the students and the teachers who accompanied had a fabulous ‘holiday’!


10 A

Edterra Tour.jpg


14 Nov 2017
The Times of India - Taekwondo champion Kriti
The Times of India - 14.11.2017.jpg


09 Oct 2017

Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated with patriotic fervor in the campus. The students drew a simple sketch of the patriot and also wrote about the relevance of his principles in today’s world of degrading values. They also staged short role plays depicting incidents that brought to light the ideals of the great soul.

The activities gave a true sense of patriotism to the young kids and gave them an opportunity to look back into the great ideals of a great man who led a life that itself proved to be a message to the entire world.

photovisi-download (1).jpg


06 Oct 2017
Gandhiji's Principles in today's world - D.Nandhika - VIII B
D.Nandhika - VIII Std.jpg


14 Sep 2017
Report on Progressive Acharya 2017

Progressive Acharya Conclave was held at PSBB, KK Nagar, Chennai on 9th September, 2017. Teachers from PSBB Millennium Group of Schools and various city schools participated as delegates and it was successfully hosted by PSBB as part of its diamond jubilee celebration.

Eminent speakers from various fields of education put forth their ideas on ‘Teacher as Catalyst in Transformation’ (TACT). 

The session started with Dr. Mrs. YGP‘s introductory note. The chief guest         Mr. S. Gurumurthy, Editor, Thuglak, Political and Economic Commentator emphasized his views on Acharya Dharma. He laid stress on the various aspects of dharma. According to him ‘Dharma’ is co-opting and sharing and ‘Adharma’ is isolating and individualizing. As India believes in soft power an acharya must possess patience as his/her prime quality. He said that Dharma sustains only because of the women in the society. One can be more successful in life, if he learns through his mother tongue he added. English is only a status symbol. 

Mrs. Maya Menon explained about her thesis on ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ which was conducted in 15 locations across 90 schools with 850 teachers and 3500 students from classes 4 to 12 in 10 different languages across the country. She suggested that SEL can be taught in schools by incorporating it with the curriculum.

Post lunch session started with Dr. R. David Koil Pillai, who discussed about ‘Moulding Excellence in Classroom’ through 8 different techniques. He beautifully explained each and every technique with minute details of the life history of scientists, doctors, sportsmen and achievers in various fields. He said that the pathway to excellence can be achieved when we conquer in stages, are prepared for set backs, expect the unexpected, keep a focus, remember the sacrifices of others.

A panel discussion was conducted by Mr. Vaithi Subramaniam with students as panel members from different schools. They put themselves in  the shoes of their teachers and presented their views brilliantly. They wanted to enforce Student-Student collaborative learning in the classrooms, have more of debates, discussions, seminars and peer teaching. Mr. Vaithi’s sense of humor added flavour to the discussion. Mr. Amrit Bharghav who is a PSBB Alumini summarized the discussion, and got appreciation from his professor, Mr. Vaithi. 

The next session was by Mr. Venkatesh Srinivasan , CEO, Nexus Consulting. He took 7 fictional characters to explain

Tough nuts to crack

Instilling moral values in students

Giving proper guidance to the students

Outside the box – changing the methodology

Different stories for different folks

Peeling the layers away

How to handle the most privileged students

    We were able to imbibe all the concepts easily through his presentation and movie clips.

Valedictory Session was conducted by Smt. Vishaka Hari, a chartered accountant who delivers religious discourses on Harikatha as well. She has done a profound study on Gurukula system and Modern Macaulay system and presented her views on the topic.

She opined that some of the tactics that was practiced during the Gurukula system can also be adopted in the current scenario by revamping the present education system as, inventions have happened rarely in India after the 19th century. She felt that subjects have to be personalized according to the interest of the child. Education is complete only with the thorough understanding of nature. She also suggested that a casual discussion, apart from the subject in the beginning and end of the session will enhance the listening capacity of the children. She opined frequent field trips will help them to be better learners. Even though we live in a world where information is instant from Google, the teacher’s role plays a prominent part in their life. She cited examples from the Epics where Rama and Krishna too had tutors. As teachers are sculptors for framing a nation she requested the schools to honour them with the package that is on par with other professions.

The Conclave was well organized. It made us  immerse ourselves in what is good for the betterment of education of our students by providing an environment that is encouraging and positive to foster the talents of each individual. Once the students move on they will remember the teachers who were genuinely concerned for them.

I thank the management as we got to be part of a conference that will be etched in our memory.

Karpagam Ganesan

Sindhu K S

Anandhi Visweswaran            

IMG-20170914-WA0009 (2).jpg


12 Sep 2017
Medical Health Check Up-Health Set Go Organization
The Health Set Go Organization, organized the health check up for The PSBB Millennium School, Coimbatore in the month of August. 2017. It was spaced into two schedules. One was between 7th and 11th August and the second schedule was between 21th and 24th August. The medical team and the paramedical team from Sri Ramakrishna Mission Hospital and Lotus Eye Hospital, comprising of 25 members, accompanied the Health Set Go team for this medical camp. To be precise, 2697 students were benefited as it was very well organized. The team members exhibited their team work and proper planning in completing the task taken on time. Otherwise it wouldn't have been possible to cater to 300 odd students on a given day with general health check up, ENT, eye check up and dental check up. The team not only updated the reports promptly but also got the daily feedback from the school and made the health assessment a success. 
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18 Nov 2016
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13 Sep 2017
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13 Sep 2017
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27 Nov 2017
NCC Unit raised in our school
23 Nov 2017
Journey into History
14 Nov 2017
The Times of India - Taekwondo champion Kriti
09 Oct 2017
06 Oct 2017
Gandhiji's Principles in today's world - D.Nandhika - VIII B
09 Dec 2017
Class XI - Adzap
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