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friday MAY 26
‘Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire’ , said W.B.Yeats. Indeed, education is deeply transformational, and it affects the essential, human tapestry of life and society.
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28 Apr 2017



The driving objective of The National Issue Summit that was held on the 15th and 16th of April in PSBB Numgambakam, was to encourage students to analyse and understand the decision-making process of the country and to understand the real issues that exists in the development of any area. Not only did the two-day summit succeed in achieving this but it also gave the children fresh perspective and the involvement and active participation of the students determined the quality of some of the brilliant resolutions that were put up.

The theme of the summit organised by Teen Think Tank wasResponsible Tourism”, and in order to achieve this, the Summit focused on issues concerning the Adyar Estuary. The session stared off with a guest lecture from Mr. Vishwanathan, who elaborated on the present situation of the Adyar estuary and the newly constructed Eco Park. Mrs Y.G.P and Mrs Sheela Rajendra among other dignitaries, staff and coordinators graced the occasion with their presence.

Students took up four areas that can encourage the tourist value of the estuary and the committees were centred around employment, infrastructure, hospitality, health and sanitation. All the speakers were required to make a general statement detailing their opinion on the estuary and bring up relevant issues that were imperative, in accordance with their topic.

Then the discussion was further deepened to address three specific issues that were voted upon by the committee. They were extensively debated on and a comprehensive solution was drafted up. It was presented to a panel of accomplished judges who were professors of IIT and Anna University and the academic papers were judged during the closing ceremony. The Hospitality Committee won best paper because of the practicality of their solutions and the high level of plausibility of their implementation (Pranava varshan and Ronith Bokadia of class 9 was a part of the same).  Each academic paper was presented by the prolocutors of the respective committee. The Coimbatore school managed to bag Best Speaker (Akaansha Saji-11th Standard) in the Employment Committee and HighCommendation(Hariharaajay-11th  Standard) in the Reconstruction and Infrastructure Committee.

Overall it was an intense session that required application of the mind and exercising one’s logical ability.




08 Mar 2017
Parent Feedback - Thiyagaraja Aradhanai

 Excellent session by the children and vidhwans. Very good exposure for the children. Personally, very happy to be a part of this occasion - Shuba Sriram 

 Excellent performance by the children. They have been trained very well. Hats off to the music teacher who is making these children sing these kritis of Saint Thiyagaraja. Very happy that school is taking this effort to organize these kind of things - C.Brinda                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Today was such a great experience and a blessing for all of us present here to listen to such great artists singing. We wish the school gives us many more such experiences. -  Rajeshwari Santosh                                                                                                                       

Very glad to see children of your esteemed school participating in Thiagaraja Keerthana.  Very glad to see children whose hidden talents are brought out by your school.  Your school is achieving  high credit in bringing out the best from your children.  Thanking you very much for giving us this opportunity to attend this spiritual programme .

-M. Parameswari

Mesmerising Experience…

Good Exposure for the children to sing along with Vocalist.  Nice Experience..

Excellent programme and well organised. Can include more students and wish to have more participation from student side.

R. Dharmambal - Mother of V. Anenya (IV B)

Transported to the Musical World of ‘Thiagaraja’ and enthralled by the performance of great artists and students of  PSBBM. It was a wonderful experience.

 It is divine experience where the artist took us  directly to Thiruvaiyar.  Mrs. Parvathi Mani’s voice was so sweet.  I am very happy to be a part of this Thiagaraja Aradhanai. Thanks to the Management for inviting us - R. Lakshmi Priya

It was a very splendid and wonderful performance.  Happy to be a part of this fantastic experience.  Thanks for giving this opportunity for my daughter to sing in this. (Sneha – V F) and for me to be here - T. Vidhya

What a Divine Experience.  This is the first opportunity for my daughter Gayathri .S (IV –D). Great exposure for children, encourage them to pursue music as career.  Thanks for inviting parents.

 We are thankful to the school for giving such a wonderful opportunity for our children to be a part of this divine heritage.  I am happy that my child R. Tejasvi could be a part of this & extremely thankful to the teachers who could make this a grand success - D. ArunaPriya

Well organized the “Thiagaraja Pancharathna Keerthanai”& rendered the Keerthanas very nicely.  I am happy for having participated in the  Programme. Thank you to all.

Very happy and proud that my daughter B.Srinithi of VIII D has been a part of this grand celebration for the past four consecutive years. Thanks to the art and culture admin of  the school. Hope to hear more mesmerizing performances in the forth coming years too. Good Wishes.


06 Mar 2017
Dr. Ambedkar Quiz - 6th March 2017
19 students from classes VI to VIII participated in the preliminary round of Dr. Ambedkar Quiz Competition held in our school premises on 6th March 2017.




22 Feb 2017
Spic Macay - Manipuri Dance Performance by Sri Sinam Basu
Sri.  Sinam Basu Singh a dedicated, versatile and young Manipuri dancer performed dance in our School Premises on Feb 21st which was organised by SPIC MACAY.  His graceful movements received much praise from the audience who were thrilled and spellbound to get the taste of impeccable performance. The wonderful dance performance kept the audience glued to their place. 




04 Feb 2017
A letter of appreciation
Dear Mam,

I am Akansha's mother. (Akansha, one of your students who participated in the debate team)

I write this mail to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to you, to the English department and to all other teachers who helped the students to do a thorough preparation and to perform well in the debate competition.

Your initiative to conduct several rounds of internal debates for the students during the selection process, should have helped the students tremendously in honing their skills and boosting their confidence. By continuously keeping up the pressure and nudging and reminding the children of their responsibility towards preparation, and giving regular feedback on their presentation styles, the English teachers in my opinion, did a great job. In trying to collect points for many relevant topics, both 'For'and 'Against', the children, more than anything, have learnt to see every subject from varied angles and perspectives and that would remain a lesson for life.

The last 3 days preparation that the team went through with the help of teachers was amazing. Such rich contribution from you and the teachers in making the students understand the topics and your directions to prepare such quality content...we are overwhelmed!

Mam, your personal involvement and the contributions you made from your vast experience and knowledge in grooming the children was a great privilege and Akansha understands that very well and it will remain one of those life experiences for which she would be forever thankful. As parents, we believe that she had one of her best training by participating in this program which will help her throughout in her future endeavors.

We are fortunate that our daughters are studying in PSBB under the guidance of such able and dedicated teachers. 

Thanks once again for your great guidance and awesome support.

With Regards,
(Akansha's Mom)

Thank You Ma'am for your gracious words.
That's very kind of you.
As teachers it is our pleasurable duty to encourage our children, guide them to bring forth their latent talent and steer them to hone their skills.

There should be a motto in life; involvement, inclination to work with focus and determination can make every child scale heights. We are glad that our young debaters showed  enthusiasm and cultivated  the mind set to win. 
And the accolades in Chennai will surely help them to surge ahead .

We as a school believe in imparting life skills to our young ones , to enable them to become good citizens , who can then, shoulder the responsibilities entrusted , as they grow older.
And yes, to perceive different perceptions, sometimes even multiple perceptions, is very necessary, and children also  learn not to be judgemental.  

Your words of praise will motivate all the teachers to give their best.

Our appreciation for your  wholesome praise, Ma'am. 

Hemalatha Seshadri                           
Head of School                          
The PSBB Millennium School
Coimbatore 641 108


03 Feb 2017
Sprint 2016-17
We are happy to inform that in Sprint 2016-17 out of 30 schools who participated , our school secured 3rd place with 9 Gold , 11 Silver , 25 Bronze and 2 individual championships with a total of 45 medals. Also two of our students created New Meet Records in 1500 mts. and shotput.

Congratulations to all the winners !!


24 Jan 2017
A Letter of Appreciation on The Warmth of Words from Mr. Shantanu Prakash- Learning Link Foundation


Many congratulations to you and your students on this wonderful achievement!


Despite the saying that 'a picture can speak a thousand words', I have always believed that words can convey the true meaning which in turn opens the door for imagination and out-of-the-box thinking.


Do encourage your students to pursue exceptional standards in the written and spoken word as it will not only brings laurels to the school but also strength to one's character.


A special word of mention to the teachers who have been able to imbibe the spirit of writing within these students. Truly exemplary !


Best Regards



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Spic Macay - Manipuri Dance Performance by Sri Sinam Basu
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