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wednesday APR 1
Knowlege is power. Information is liberating.Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family
~Kofi Annan
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27 Jan 2020
FIT India School
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27 Jan 2020
ISA Activity - Physics in Recreation
Students thoroughly enjoyed the activity " Physics in Recreation" which was the last ISA activity . It was conducted in the month of January.The activities included preparing PPT, attending workshop, booklets and chart preparation, watching videos of the national sports of the chosen countries ( Bangladesh, UK, USA, Japan and India), Playing matches and understanding the common physics concepts in different games. The activities were evaluated by various activities including Just a minute competition and quiz.



03 Jan 2020
Bhajans - Ayyappa Pooja Sangham

The Ayyappan Pooja Sangam Coimbatore organised the 69th Pooja Mahotsav on 2-1-2020 (Thursday). The first 3 prize winners of the bhajan competition, conducted by Nadhopasana earlier on 11th October 2019 were called to perform in the Pooja Mahotsav. Around  20 students of our school participated and rendered bhajans for about an hour and the hall was filled with divine bliss.



12 Dec 2019
Energy Conservation Day

In today’s world, energy plays a vital role on how the world functions. The depleting resources needs to be conserved or one day the world will have to come to a standstill. In order to overcome this, various steps are being taken to find an alternate, till then it is the duty of every human being to join hands to help conserve energy for a better tomorrow. As part of the energy conservation week (14.12.2019 to 21.12.2019), a workshop was conducted by the Indian Association for Energy Management Professionals (IAEMP), at the Kumaraguru College of Technology campus, along with Rotary club of Coimbatore, Kumaraguru College of Technology and TANGEDCO. Students and faculties from various schools had attended the workshop and were provided with awareness on the importance of conservation of energy. Dr Ashok Kumar L, the Chairman of IAEMP and Professor and Associate Head Department of EEE at the PSG College of Technology in Coimbatore, delivered a talk on conserving Mother Nature. He enlightened the students on the five elements that constitutes energy and urged the students to bring out their best to spread awareness and lend a helping hand in conserving energy for a better tomorrow. Following this we inaugurated an Energy Club and two students, each from Grade six to Grade eleven were selected to be the Energy Ambassadors of the club. (Shyam Sundar, Pranava Varshan, Akash P Videsh, Tejesswin, M Abhishek, Sanju Vikas, A K Sangamithra, Neha Priyadharshini, Vaishnavi, Abishek A M, Preetham, Niranjan, Iniyan, Nandini.H.Phobat, Shenal, Tejeshwar, Anushka, Shreerangan, Natesh). They had held a series of activities emphasising on the need to conserve energy under the mentorship of Mrs. Karpagam Ganesan. In a bid to spread the awareness on energy conservation, the members of the Energy Club had organised various activities in GA for classes 3 to 9 and fundraising events to help neighbouring Government schools. They had organised the PSBB Premier League (PPL) with class eleven where various sports events were organised not only by students but by their faculties as well.



19 Nov 2019
Career Counselling Session - Classes XI and XII

A career counselling session was organised for classes XI and XII on 19th November in the MPH. The speaker for the session was Prof. V. Anto, an alumni of PSBB and MCC schools, Chennai. The main theme of the session was to guide the youth of India to take up a career in the Indian defence sector. Prof. V. Anto started the session by displaying the various colleges and academies available in India to train for entering the Indian defence force. This list included NDA (National Defence Academy) and AFMC (Armed Force Medical College) etc. He talked about the various fields available in the defence sector, and the segregation in the fields available for women and men. He then explained about the various criteria/qualifications required for the selection and admission into the field of defence. He elucidated that physical aptitude was not a main criterion for the selection of a defence officer, but for a soldier. He also mentioned the added benefits and advantages of choosing a career in the defence sector than following the usual trend. On the whole it was an interactive session where the students cleared their doubts and questions. The overall feedback from the students was that- the session had shown them a new perspective and made them think about other possible career options.



12 Nov 2019
ISA Activity - Fascinating World of Folktales

Folktales can be used to help children study other cultures, model positive character traits and discover a love of stories. The activity on folktales for KG children started with the teachers showing the videos of selected stories from the countries UK, India, China, UAE and Russia. The story telling sessions by the teachers and the story teller enhanced children’s cultural understanding and children were excited listening to the stories. Colouring and thumb impression activities were done with great enthusiasm. A matching activity was done to test the understanding and knowledge of the children. Sequencing the story activity enhanced their thinking and sequencing skills. The students thoroughly enjoyed the Puppet show conducted by the teachers. To reiterate the elements of the story-characters, a Character Parade was conducted. It was really fun and exciting when the students paraded in different costumes across the auditorium stage. The activity was a great learning experience to the children.  




31 Oct 2019
Vigilance Awareness Week

The Vigilance Awareness week is celebrated from 28.10.19-02.11.19 this year by all government departments and PSUs. The theme of the year 2109 is- ‘Integrity – a way of Life. A brief programme in connection with this was held at school on 31.10.19[Thursday]. The Assistant Commissioner of Central Excise, Mr. Krishna moorthy was the chief guest. He addressed the students on the need to be truthful in the professions that they take up and also work towards bringing about a change in society. The students also took the integrity pledge to mark the occasion and gave inspiring speeches in Tamil & English on their dreams to have a society free of corruption. An essay writing competition was also conducted based on the theme of the year. The program was a thought- provoking event for the students.



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07 Dec 2019
Sahodaya Football Tournament
07 Dec 2019
Sahodaya Football Tournament - Girls
25 Sep 2019
Inter House Cross Country Championship
31 Aug 2019
Sahodaya School Complex - Kabaddi Tournament 2019-20 U-14 Girls
26 Aug 2019
Sahodaya School Complex - Kho Kho Tournament 2019-20
13 Feb 2020
Fiftieth Meeting
23 Jan 2020
Forty Ninth Meeting
09 Jan 2020
Forty Eighth Meeting
06 Jan 2020
Forty Seventh Meeting
19 Dec 2019
Forty Sixth Meeting
27 Jan 2020
FIT India School
27 Jan 2020
ISA Activity - Physics in Recreation
03 Jan 2020
Bhajans - Ayyappa Pooja Sangham
12 Dec 2019
Energy Conservation Day
19 Nov 2019
Career Counselling Session - Classes XI and XII
07 Feb 2020
The importance of music in this world by Kotravai V A of class 11C
09 Dec 2019
Energy Conservation Week
22 Nov 2019
Science and Discovery Fest
18 Nov 2019
Second Place in Hand Ball
15 Nov 2019
T' xotica - Tech Fest
07 Sep 2019
Class 11 - One on One Challenge
05 Sep 2019
Class 8 - Teacher's Day
28 Aug 2019
Class 4 - Onam
28 Aug 2019
Class XII - JAM
27 Aug 2019
Classes 7 and 8 - Indoor Games
07 Feb 2020
School Anniversary - Shri Gurubyo Namaha
01 Dec 2019
30 Nov 2019
30 Nov 2019
07 Nov 2019
T' xotica - Tech Fest
31 Jul 2019
Decennial Celebration - Inter School Dance Competition
01 Jul 2019
Decennial Year Inauguration
28 Oct 2019
KG - Diwali Celebration
21 Oct 2019
KG-Yellow Colour Day
18 Oct 2019
World Animals Day
18 Oct 2019
Sight Word Day Celebration
27 Sep 2019
KG - Navarathri Celebration
18 Feb 2020
National Teachers Council ‘s - National Level Mathematics Olympiad 20...
29 Jan 2020
Dinamalar Quiz - Winners
13 Jan 2020
State Level Yoga Competition
07 Dec 2019
Lingua Safari
03 Dec 2019