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friday OCT 18
Knowlege is power. Information is liberating.Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family
~Kofi Annan
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24 Jul 2019

Our School hosted Model United Nations on the 20th and 21st of July 2019. This is a conference where students from different schools participated as delegates representing various countries from across the world. The delegates come together to discuss various topics, from The Treaty of Versailles to Kashmir insurgency featured in various committees – Historical committee, /Lok Sabha, SOCHUM , UNEA etc.

The program had nearly 350 delegates from 15 schools. The first day began with an inaugural ceremony. Honouring the event were Mr.T.S.Balaraman, IRS, Project Manager of WHO, the Director General, Secretary General, Chair persons and Vice chair persons of all the committees. The Principal, and the Chief Guest pinned the badges. After the Secretary General declared the conference open by banging the gavel, the delegates dispersed to their allotted rooms. After an exciting day filled with knowledge and debating, the day came to a close.

The second day meant the closing of the conference, but that had to wait till the evening. The committees commenced as usual. With photographers and journalists all round the delegates had a very eventful day. The second day also meant the press conference conducted by the chairs of International Press and the journalists of every committee. The journalists bombarded the delegates with questions which not only covered the topics but also featured current affairs.

The honourable chief guest of the second day was Mr. Banu Prakash , corporal legal advisor. After the chief guest addressed the gathering, we dived into the award giving ceremony. The secretariat and the executive board were first awarded. This was followed by the Chairpersons and the Vice chairpersons awarding honourable mentions, high commendations, best first timer and the best delegate award to the delegates of their committees. Then, the most awaited awards, best delegation award, best delegate award and best emerging school award were announced by the secretariat and presented by the Vice Principal and the Chief Guest. After the vote of thanks, the conference was declared close by banging the gavel.

The students gained a lot of exposure and learnt a lot from the various debates and discussions that took place during the two days. This would stay with them lifelong and help in various situations of their life.

                                                                    Kotravai (11 C)

Mun 19.jpg


25 Jun 2019
AQMEN QUIZ - 2019-20
Aqmen Quiz was conducted in our school premises on the 25th June 2019. Students of various schools in the city participated with full spirit and enthusiasm. Mr. Suryanarayanan was the quiz master of the event. 

Aqmen Quiz (1).jpg


17 Jun 2019
Keep in Touch Programme (KIT)

The KIT (Keep in Touch) programme was organized on 15th June 2019 to felicitate the students of class 12 and class 10 who had shown exemplary performance in the board exam. The programme began with the prayer song, followed by the welcoming of the guest and the gathering. The chief guest of the day was Dr. Sivakumar Venugopal (M.E, Ph.D (IIT Madras), Vice Chairperson/ Associate Professor, Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, Coimbatore) who honoured the school toppers, subject toppers and those who were excellent in the field of sports, music and art, with a shield and a certificate. Certificates were awarded to the students for full attendance too. In his address to the audience, he appreciated all the students for their achievements and advised them to have control over gadgets and shared the mantra of hardwork and dedication. Our principal also advised the students and wished them all for a bright career. 

Parents too came forward to thank the school for shaping their child in the right way. Students of class 12 also shared their thoughts with us. The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks by Akash, followed by the National Anthem. The programme was a grand success.



22 Mar 2019
UKG - Class Project
The children of UKG had a class project on 20.03.2019 on the topic “We love English”. Each child was taught and trained to execute their topics such as word chain, storytelling using words and pictures, riddles, tongue twisters, crosswords, puzzles etc. The main aim is to build up vocabulary and the opportunity for the students to put everything they’ve learned into a more creative context.

UKG Class project.png

UKG Class Project 1.png


12 Mar 2019
Thyagaraja Aradhanai and Bhajan Sandhya

Music is one of the best ways to communicate with god. The Thiyagaraja Aradhana & Bhajan Sandhya were celebrated on 8th March 2019 in the school premises.

The “Thyagaraja Aradhanai” was organized as a tribute to the saint composer Thyagarajar. The programme was presided by the renowned musician & retired Professor of Music, Shri. K. Sivaramakrishnan.

Eminent artists of the city rendered Pancha Rathna Krithis. Around 105 students of our school from class IV to XI participated in the program and sang the Pancharathna Krithis composed by the great saint in  ragams Nattai, Gowrimanohari, Gambhira Nattai, Goulai, Arabi, Varali and Sree along with the artists. The audience was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic participation of the students.

This was followed by the Bhajan Sandhya. Around 105 students of our school from class IV to XI participated in the program and rendered Bhajans for an hour. The hall was filled with divine bliss. The musicians appreciated and blessed the children for their divine performance. Parents also expressed their happiness and appreciated the efforts taken by the school in encouraging such an overwhelming participation of the students in the soulful and mesmerising event.

Thyagaraja Aradhanai 

Thygaraja aradhana.jpg

Bhajan Sandhya

Bhajan Sandhya.jpg


30 Jan 2019
Annual Day - Kaaranakarthaa

Yet another time the school enticed its audience with a resplendent performance on its 8th Anniversary. The dais dazzled shimmering lights and booming sound staged 750 students and the theme Kaaranakarthaa, on the 26th and 27th January 2019.

The two hour anniversary programme lured the audience through a flavor of dazzling costumes, eloquent voice over, graceful movements, energetic actions and exceptional performances.

Be it the modernization and transformation of Japan, the springing up of the pudhu Kavidai, the revival of the ancient and divine art of bharatnatyam by Kalakshetra, the building of a strong and united India, the French Revolution, the railways as connectors and transformers or the grand finale with a variety of dances which enforced that the Almighty is the ultimate kaaranakarthaa for the existence of the universe, did enchant the viewers.

No doubt for the ones who were there to envisage the Samurai warriors, Sardar Patel, Rukmani Devi, Muthulakshmi Reddy and other kaaranakarthaa the performers turned veritable.

The applause of the audience and the opinion by the guests was an avowal for our performers, comperes, and the young brilliant technicians who had indulged in great spirit.

The kaaranakarthaa of this year have sown a seed of anticipation in the hearts of everyone, looking forward for another astounding message with a difference in the future.

Annual photo 1.jpg

Annual photo 2.jpg

annual day 3.jpg


14 Dec 2018
LKG Project - Zootopia

The LKG children at The PSBB Millennium School, Coimbatore transformed their classes into little animal kingdom, celebrating animal life in all its forms and being thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives.

This Class Project helped the children to know more about different types animals like wild animals, farm animals, birds, insects and aquatic animals. Zootopia indeed created a curiosity among the children as they were dressed up in different animal costumes, showcased a dance performance and spoke a few sentence about them. There was lot of fun and excitement to see the beautifully decorated classrooms as jungles, farm and ocean. Parents enthusiastically participated in the animal picture hunt contest. 

 The LKG children at The PSBB Millennium School were inspired to create a sense of responsibility and compassion towards animals by requesting the visitors to “Love animals and Save animals”.  It was roaring day for the tiny tots who marched in the ZOOTOPIA majestically.



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