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wednesday APR 1
Knowlege is power. Information is liberating.Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family
~Kofi Annan
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07 Feb 2020
School Anniversary - Shri Gurubyo Namaha

9th School Anniversary was celebrated on 05.02.2020 & 06.02.2020 in the school premises. The theme for the event was ‘ Shri Gurubyoh Namaha’, which depicted the importance of a ‘guru’ and examples of various forms a ‘guru’ can take in one’s life. The Chief Guest for the first day was Kalaimamani Mrs.. Lavanya Shankar, Founder of Abhyasa Academy, Coimbatore an eminent dancer and the Guest of Honour was Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Raman, Principal of PSBB School, Siruseri, Chennai. For the second day, the Chief Guest was Prof. Dr.E. Balaguruswamy, the chairman, EBG Foundation, Coimbatore, former Vice Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai and the guest of Honour was Dr. Usha Rajaram, Honorary Advisor, Faculty of Fine Arts at Bharathi Vidhya Bhavan, Coimbatore Kendra. The annual day was a cultural extravaganza which featured over 750 participants ranging from the kindergarten to the higher secondary. Each play was meticulously practised and prepared to bring out the life in each and every character. Some of the plays which appeared on stage were Animal kingdom, Velpari, Nachiketa, Gandhiji, Vivekanandha and the life story in the memory of the late Dr.Mrs. Y.G.Parthasarathy. The cultural programme ended with a grand finale and with the message of thanking the ‘gurus’. Since 2020 is the decennial year of the school the teachers, support staff and vendors who have been supporting the school since its establishment were honoured. The event was great tribute to all the gurus and its founder Dr. Mrs. Y.G.Parathasarathy. The school is looking forward for its decennial anniversary in the year 2020.



01 Dec 2019

The PREKG Annual day of the school was celebrated on 30.11.2019. The programme was based on the theme ‘’Bharathiyam – Mom and Me”. The Chief Guest for the day was Dr. T. M. Manickaraj, MBBS, DCH, Saranya Clinic, Coimbatore.

The program started with a welcome dance by the little children of PreKG. The children with their peppy moves enthralled the audience. Following the Welcome Dance was the Prayer Dance where both the moms and their children danced with enthusiasm.

Vocal presentation of songs by two groups of moms and kids with a live orchestra added fervour to the performance. One group sang a song of Mahakavi Bharathiyar and the other group sang a fisherman folk song was really a treat to the ears.

 The Rhythmic Rhymes event on Fruits, Flowers and colours also added an extra attraction to the show. The moms along with their children presented an enthusiastic performance with related properties and costumes.

The next highlight of the day was the Fusion Dance where the moms and their tiny angels danced for a medley. It was a sizzling performance and each move rocked the stage.

The last event was the Fashion Parade on the theme Bharathiyam. More than 30 moms and children were dressed in the traditional wear representing different States of India. It was a real visual treat to the audience.

Dr. Manickaraj, Pediatrician, the chief guest addressed the gathering. He also gave valuable inputs on child health and applauded the efforts put in by the parents and the teachers for presenting a magnificent show.   



30 Nov 2019

LKG Annual Day was celebrated on the theme ‘Wonderland’ on Friday the 29th of November, 2019. Dr. S. Chandrasekar, CEO, EGS Pillai Group of Institutions, Nagapattinam was the chief guest of the occasion.

The function started with the prayer dance named Devotional Land. Here the children danced around Kailash with great zest and enthusiasm. Followed by the Devotional Land was the Fairy Land, the next was Choco Land and the children displayed a mesmerizing performance that was a real treat to those who like chocolates. The most riveting performance which drew an unceasing applause was the Toony Land and the children enjoyed every move.  This was followed by the Toy Land where the children dressed up as toys danced as they turned their keys to the musical notes.

 The show came to an end with the Grand Finale with the theme WonderLand. The grandeur of the finale left the audience enthralled as the children opened a big book and displayed a message on the importance of reading books.

Unique talents like Mirudhangam Silambam, Capital of countries, identifying the car logos and dinosaurs were exhibited by the children. An informative speech was delivered by our chief guest which made the audience listen in rapt attention. Initiatives for the development of a child and the importances of reading was emphasized. The whole show was great and stole the hearts of all present.



30 Nov 2019

UKG Annual Day was celebrated on the theme HAPRIKA on Friday, 29th November, 2019. The chief guest of the occasion was Dr. L Agni Devi, MD, DCH, Consultant Pediatrician in Ramana Gounder Medical Trust, Coimbatore.

The show began with the welcome address by Aleena of UKG  followed by the prayer dance, in which the children reflected their joy and enthusiasm in their performances on stage. Discotyam, a fusion on Disco and Bharatnatyam by the children created a visual treat for the audience followed by the Johnny the Buckaroo where the little ones danced as the cowboys nailed the show with their moves. Then came the Shaky Sizzlers who showcased a scintillating performance followed by the Snoozy Stars where the children performed a lazy dance on stage and rocked the show. The Funky Freezers freezed the audience with their excited moves. The show ended with the grand Finale where the children danced as our legendary comedians who made our lives happy and ended with the caption ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’

Few children showcased their unique talent in between the dance shows like hoola hoop, Countries and the Capitals, Puppet Show and Kathakalakshepam and were much appreciated. The parents were spellbound to see their young ones delivering dialogues with confidence and dancing with zest.

The Chief Guest Dr. L. Agni Devi delivered an informative speech on the usage and dosage of medicines on children. The vote of thanks was extended by Rupika of UKG D. The whole show was indeed mesmerizing and stole the hearts.



07 Nov 2019
T' xotica - Tech Fest

T’xotica-Tech Fest was conducted at The PSBB Millennium School, Coimbatore on 7th November 2019. The Chief Guest for this event was Mrs.Padmalatha Ranganathan, the General Manager of Robert Bosch Business Solutions Ltd. She addressed the students about the importance of technology, what technology actually is, key to innovation and how curiosity plays a very eminent role in the development of technology. She also talked about how humans breathe life into technology by applying science and by adding some creativity. In addition, she talked about how humans must keep technology under control and not allow it to take over the world.

The Sound and Light show – ‘Son et Lumiere’ was a spectacular show that left the whole crowd in awe.

A fantabulous beat boxing performance and a Robo Boogie which involved dance steps that were an amalgamation of robotic moves and western dance was performed by the High School students.

The program ended with the prize distribution for the winners as well as participants of the various programs that were conducted in the school as part of the Tech Day celebrations. The event was indeed a successful one that taught the students about Technology and how to appreciate its very existence.



21 Sep 2019

An illustrative portrait of Mrs. YGP titled “Indelible Imprints” welcomed one and all with the effervescence and vigour akin to our Guru and Dean. Every idea and exhibit resonated with her teachings and values.

The children of Classes 1 – 5 delivered a stupendous show and did great justice to their theme “LIVE AND LET LIVE”. They spoke with immense confidence and displayed clarity in the concepts at hand. Commencing with the role of an individual living in his environment, along with traditions and culture then integrating it into values to be practiced in society with fellow humans was the theme for Classes 1 and 2. Living amongst nature and surroundings, the impact of human actions and solutions to overcome environmental issues were covered by Class 3. Class 4 touched upon the need to embrace technology in our lives and Class 5 brought out the benefits of a healthy diet, sports, games and spirituality which culminate into a healthy lifestyle for an individual and then a society as a whole.

Class 1: Indian culture, customs and traditions of India.

“Pancha Bhoota” - The 5 elements of nature and their worship was beautifully presented. A role play was enacted to illustrate importance of rituals like kolam and worship of “Thulasi Maadam” which cement the traditional wellbeing of an individual. A beautiful rendition of a traditional greeting enthralled the audience. They displayed how the practice of yoga and a healthy diet help make heroes out of individuals, who in turn become heroes of the world - true Global Citizens. The buoyancy and grace of the little buds enthralled the audience and filled the atmosphere with positive vibes.

Class 2: Love and Care

Vibrant children of class 2 wholeheartedly welcomed the visitors to the garden of love. Beautifully dressed up as flowers, the children explained about compassion, relationships and donation and their significance for a healthy and fulfilling life. Joint families and nuclear families were evaluated to elaborate about relationships. Awareness on organ and blood donation was done by enacting a mime. Children skillfully danced to a song showing how love and care can transform human life. Through a role play and skit, they illustrated the need for “Annadhanam” and the concept of community kitchen and community fridge through village adoption. They filled the hearts of the visitors by singing “The Happiness Song” gracefully.

Class: 3 Ours the Planet

The air we breathe, the land we live on and the water we drink form the cornerstones of our existence. Class 3 students depicted how living beings use these resources differently and are altering the balance of life. They illustrated environmental challenges and provided plausible solutions to overcome them. Models depicting Bhutan as a carbon negative country and showcasing biomimicry were insightful. The involvement shown by the children coupled with confidence and fluency in explaining complex terminology was noteworthy.


Class: 4 Embrace Technology

Talented students of Class 4 presented the role of technology in one’s life. They demonstrated how technology has improved farming techniques, education and has helped to produce numerous inventions useful for society. Next they exhibited how the powerful internet has penetrated all aspects of an individual’s life through e-commerce, e-medical marketing and e-banking, facilitating productive working environment for one and all. The offshoot of internet activities in generating employment for women was aptly displayed. Awareness on Cyber Security and the precautions one need to take whilst dealing on the internet was highlighted. The presentation skills, creativity and confidence of the children is applaud worthy.   

Class: 5 Sports, Games, Food and Health

Colourful charts, exemplary models and breathtaking demonstrations were the highlight of how eating healthy food, doing sports and playing a variety of games enable the holistic development of an individual. The role of spirituality and the essence of values in one’s life were beautifully brought to light by enacting role plays of spiritual and international leaders. The children asserted on how practicing these values builds a strong foundation in one’s life.

At the Art Exhibition beautiful paintings by talented children of Classes 1 – 5 were displayed which garnered praise from all.

An attention-grabbing procession in Hindi on saving trees, reducing pollution and spreading happiness around the world was energetically executed.

A lyrical and musical performance in Tamil through villu paatu, puppet show and drama reflected societal changes in food habits, plastic usage and deteriorating environmental conditions.

As part of the Culturals a drama depicting a pilgrimage and historic ride around Coimbatore added more colour and vibrance to the Project. Its educative content was much appreciated while the elegant dances and soulful rendition of songs were a delight.

A Sound and Light Show paid a befitting tribute to our Guru Mrs. YGP, showcasing the life she lived, how she encouraged others to live and eventually lived on through her work setting us a superlative example worth emulating. 

The children demonstrated maturity in handling themselves and took responsibility for their acts to do full justice to the Project. Encouraging comments from the parents for their wards and teachers alike culminated into the successful and satisfying closure to the two-day Project.



24 Jul 2019

Our School hosted Model United Nations on the 20th and 21st of July 2019. This is a conference where students from different schools participated as delegates representing various countries from across the world. The delegates come together to discuss various topics, from The Treaty of Versailles to Kashmir insurgency featured in various committees – Historical committee, /Lok Sabha, SOCHUM , UNEA etc.

The program had nearly 350 delegates from 15 schools. The first day began with an inaugural ceremony. Honouring the event were Mr.T.S.Balaraman, IRS, Project Manager of WHO, the Director General, Secretary General, Chair persons and Vice chair persons of all the committees. The Principal, and the Chief Guest pinned the badges. After the Secretary General declared the conference open by banging the gavel, the delegates dispersed to their allotted rooms. After an exciting day filled with knowledge and debating, the day came to a close.

The second day meant the closing of the conference, but that had to wait till the evening. The committees commenced as usual. With photographers and journalists all round the delegates had a very eventful day. The second day also meant the press conference conducted by the chairs of International Press and the journalists of every committee. The journalists bombarded the delegates with questions which not only covered the topics but also featured current affairs.

The honourable chief guest of the second day was Mr. Banu Prakash , corporal legal advisor. After the chief guest addressed the gathering, we dived into the award giving ceremony. The secretariat and the executive board were first awarded. This was followed by the Chairpersons and the Vice chairpersons awarding honourable mentions, high commendations, best first timer and the best delegate award to the delegates of their committees. Then, the most awaited awards, best delegation award, best delegate award and best emerging school award were announced by the secretariat and presented by the Vice Principal and the Chief Guest. After the vote of thanks, the conference was declared close by banging the gavel.

The students gained a lot of exposure and learnt a lot from the various debates and discussions that took place during the two days. This would stay with them lifelong and help in various situations of their life.

                                                                    Kotravai (11 C)

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