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saturday OCT 21
I actually think that self-interest is overrated as an all-purpose guide to political motive. It leaves out something at least as powerful and immovable - individual psychology.
~George Packer
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16 Oct 2017
Spic Macay - Tholpava Koothu- Report by Swathi M.V (XI C) & Shreya .V (XII A)

From the serene laid back shores of Kerala, comes the ancient art form- Tholapava Kuthu. Shadow puppetry was initially presented in Devi temples in Kerala as a form of storytelling. Mr Ramachandra Pulavar and party from SPIC MACAY enchanted the students of PSBB Millennium with their timeless shadow art performance. The children intently watched as the leather puppets moved behind the oil lit screens as they danced their way through the children’s hearts. Be it Laxman chopping off Surpanaka’s nose, or the ferocious battle between Bali and Sugrivar or be it Lord Ram’s victory over the demon king Raavan, all of this and much more were brought to life. The Kamba Ramayana was skillfully presented in an unconventional and unique manner in Malayalam, Sanskrit and Tamil, stealing the audiences’ attention throughout. From Rama and Sita arriving at Panchvati, to the Ramar Pattabishekam, the wonderous portrayal of Kamba Ramayana kept the audience mesmerized. It was indeed a great opportunity for the students to watch such skilled artists effortlessly handle the puppets. Who knew that an uncelebrated art form could be used as a medium to educate young minds about Indian values?                                                           

spicmacay-tholpava koothu.jpg


22 Sep 2017
Health Set Go - Eye Care

The topic for the month of August under the Health Set Go program was Eye Care.Students of classes 4 and 5 were taken for the same.

Firstly, the students were given thorough information regarding the significance of eyes in our lives, the role played by eyes in our day to day activities, parts of the eye and the need to keep them safe and healthy.

Demonstration was given by the teacher on how to keep the eyes lubricated and healthy. The students were asked to rotate their eyes clockwise and anticlockwise,10 times each and also keep blinking their eyes for 60 counts.

The Health cards were given to them and they were instructed to follow it meticulously for 5 days.

 The students understood that they should follow a healthy diet containing fruits, greens and vegetables, eye exercises and 9 hours of undisturbed sleep would keep their eyes safe and healthy. They also became aware of the harmful effects of watching screens and monitors for a long time. Some of them even stopped watching TV during the course of the activity.

Principal mam graced the award ceremony with her valuable inputs. She gave away the Health Star badges to the deserving students


19 Sep 2017
Fire Drill
Fire Drill was conducted for students of classes I to V in our school premises on 14th September.



15 Sep 2017
Virtual Travel - Endless Horizon - Primary Project

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. The students of the primary wing worked together to convey the theme Endless Horizon. The effort and hardwork of the students turned the days of the project a successful one. Our primary school students stand testimony to this and the fruits of their efforts were seen on the Project Day – Virtual Travel – Endless Horizon. Chief Guest : Dr. Sitara Vikram Executive Director, CS Academy, Coimbatore . She was enthusiastic by listening to our students and encouraged them with her wise and moving words. Along with the Chief Guest we had the respected faculties from out sister schools.

As we embarked on this marvellous journey, we first encountered the travel desk which gave us information regarding the Passport and Visa application. We had the opportunity to interact with the youn g minds who gave us an overview of the various tour packages. We then stepped onto the land of myriad faiths and cultures, India. From the vast plains to the beautiful beaches, to the scorching deserts all the way to the beautiful islands we get an insight of incredible India.

Through the windows, the exotic Kangaroos and Koala Bears were waving at us enthusiastically. Travelling through the lands of Australia, we had a glimpse of the stunning Sydney and the gobsmacking Great Barrier Reef. We continued this journey, north, to “Chang Chang China”. We were welcomed by fiery dragons into the world of ancient temples filled with rich heritage.

Moving on to the “Land of Rising Sun” Japan, we came across women in Kimonos and viewed the breath taking Mt. Fuji. Then with our seatbelts fastened, we explored enthralling Europe. The scintillating landscapes of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and France left us awestruck. With the pyramids of Giza welcoming us with open hands, we stood amidst lush green forests. The mesmerizing moors, its ancient civilization and wildlife added beauty to the vast lands of Africa.

The colourful culturals, the amazing Art room and the vibrating sound and light show by the students was like a cherry on top of the already delicious cake.

Dr Sitara Vikram, in her address, succinctly encapsulated the essence of the project in her address to the parents, guests and students. "Knowledge is easily available today but projects like this teaches life skills . Analytical and communication skills are honed and the children learn to analyse what is needed, collate and neatly present it in the form of hand made models, charts etc. Most importantly they learn to communicate what they have understood. I congratulate the students , the co-operative parents and the hard working teachers for the success of the project. It is praiseworthy that the project is completely ecofriendly." It was a very satisfying day for all of us.

Swati M.V, Surya Shiras, Abirami of class XI.


09 Sep 2017
Cyber Security
An awareness programme on Cyber Security was conducted for students of classes VI,VII & VIII in our school premises. 



11 Aug 2017
The PSBB Premier League

On the 5th of August, the students of class XI organized a sports competition-The PSBB Premier League (PPL). The competition was for classes 6 to 8 held in football, Kabaddi and throw ball for both boys and girls. About 30 teams participated in the event. It not only displayed the talent of the participants, but also the organizational skills of the students. It was made possible only by the hard work of the students. The winners were felicitated at the end of the day. It indeed was a very competitive event with students competing with immense vigor. On the whole, it was an enjoyable event, made possible by the co-operation and enthusiasm of the class XI students.



15 Jul 2017
Inter House Cross Country Competition was conducted for students from classes 6 to 12 on 15th July 2017. 359 boys and 309 girls participated in this event. Boys were to made to cover a distance of 5kms and girls 3 kms in and around Somayampalayam.

Winners of Cross Country Competition:

Under 19 Boys Category - 1st place - Sanjay Kumar G of X A , 2nd Place - Aditya .S of X A, 3rd place - Rishi Pandya of XII B.

Under 19 Girls Category - 1st place - Preethika .P of IX C, 2nd place - Bavya Sakthivel of X A, 3rd place - Aiswariyam R.M of XI B.

Under 14 Boys Category - 1st place - Rishab .S of VIII C, 2nd place - Varchas .S of VIII C, 3rd place - Tharun Sangar.M of VII C.

Under 14 Girls Category - Ist place-Akshitha .A of VI D, 2nd place - Swateekha S.R of VIII B, 3rd place - Pakya Priyaa M.V of VII B.

Overall points:
Ruby House       - 1st place  - 6700 points
Emerald House  - 2nd place - 5500 points
Sapphire House - 3rd place - 5400 points
Topaz House - 4th place - 4400 points

Congratulations to all the winners and kudos to all the participants who actively participated in this Cross Country Competition for 2017-18.




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18 Nov 2016
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Spic Macay - Tholpava Koothu- Report by Swathi M.V (XI C) & Shreya .V...
22 Sep 2017
Health Set Go - Eye Care
19 Sep 2017
Fire Drill
15 Sep 2017
Virtual Travel - Endless Horizon - Primary Project
09 Sep 2017
Cyber Security
28 Aug 2017
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16 Oct 2017
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12 Oct 2017
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