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tuesday DEC 11
It is necessary to invest properly in the professional development of educators. Supporting educators to become the best they can be is one of the surest routes to improving a nation's Schools. In my view, we should then give them the creative freedom to innovate and do their jobs within a proper framework of public accountability
~Ken Robinson
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01 Dec 2018
Math Day

The ‘National Mathematics Day ‘was celebrated in a grand manner on 1st December 2018. There were a series of activities conducted along with several cultural programmes. The celebration started with a Rangoli competition. The judges selected the best teams based on symmetry, application of geometrical shapes and the proportion of color combination.

 The other activities were


Word building using only mathematical terms,

Identifying the jumbled words,

Elocution on famous mathematicians and their work.

The programme started with the lighting of the lamp by Prof. Anto, Head, Centre for career in Uniform Services. The cultural programme was purely based on various concepts of Mathematics. The Parallelogram Song, Yoga and Angles, Number Song, Forming various Geometrical shapes using Bharathanatyam were very interesting to watch and enjoy.  The students would have definitely learnt Math in a fun way.  The entire programme was organized by the students of classes 10 and 11. The Principal of our school  spoke on how math is related in every aspect of our life. The day was totally dedicated to Mathematics which is seen all around us.

math day.jpg


26 Nov 2018
UKG Annual Day Celebration
The tiny tots of UKG put up a wonderful show on the 23rd November, Friday on the theme 'Krishna Manmohana' . It was a glittering bonanza of dance and plays depicting Lord Krishna's childhood and was enticing.  




16 Nov 2018
International School Library Month - Bookmark Exchange

Class V

Bookmark exchange with Croatia, Slovenia and Hong Kong.

Activities were  based on the International Theme Water Scarcity.

Classes VI & VII

Activities were Based On Foreign Authors’ Work

Class X

Book Mark Exchange With Portugal And Croatia

 Book Exchange activity (1).jpg

book exchange 2.jpg


14 Nov 2018
Children's Day


Students of KG celebrated Children's Day by taking part in various activities and games.

childrens day KG 1.png

childrens day KG 2.jpg

childrens day KG 3.png

Class IV

Students spoke about the significance of celebrating Children's Day. 

class IV GA Childrens day (2).jpg

Classes VI to VIII:

On Children’s Day we had a wonderful celebration with music and dance. The song was composed and sung live by the students of class VIII. The dance was performed by the students of class VI. There were also speeches in both English and Tamil regarding children’s day. There was a huge round of applause and the Principal congratulated the participants for their good work.

Assembly Childrens day.jpg


09 Nov 2018
UN Day Celebration - Classes 6,7 & 8
Students of classes 6-8 celebrated the UN Day.The organisation was remembered for its role in bringing about unity among all the global nations. Students spoke about the various organs of the UN and their roles.A discussion was also held on the importance of the organisation.  

class 6 Assembly UN day.jpg


09 Nov 2018
Diwali Celebration

The festival of lights, Diwali was celebrated by the students of KG.Students were told about the significance of the festival and  the  importance of having a safe Diwali. They  made beautiful take-home gifts
KG Diwali celebrations.jpg
Class I

Diwali or the festival of lights was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The students showcased the spirit of Diwali through a mesmerizing dance performance. They were taught about the significance of the festival - how good always conquered the evil. Besides sensitizing the students to the ill-effects of crackers, they were made aware of the guidelines on being safe while bursting them.

class 1 GA Diwali (1).jpg


31 Oct 2018
Pre KG - Smiley Day Celebration
Smiley Day was celebrated by the students of Pre KG with lot of enthusiasm and fun on 29th October 2018. Children were told about the importance of being happy and how a simple smile can change the hearts of everyone around them. They were all given a smiley badge which they wore with lot of pride. 



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