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friday OCT 18
Knowlege is power. Information is liberating.Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family
~Kofi Annan
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28 Aug 2019
KG - Krishna Jayanthi Celebration

Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour by the KG students. To mark the occasion selected children were dressed as Krishna, Radha, Yashoda, Kamsa, Nandagopa, Balarama and Meera. Few children participated in dance. The mythological story of Lord Krishna was screened for the children . It was a delightful day.

KG krishna Jayanthi celebration-page0001.jpg


16 Aug 2019
KG - Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day was celebrated by KG students on 14.08.2019. Selected children sang patriotic song and few were dressed up as freedom fighters. They showcased their creativity by making our national flag by sponge dabbing, colouring and sticking  the ice cream sticks. It was a day of enthusiasm that  kindled a sense of patriotism in the children.



02 Aug 2019
Pre KG - Shapes Day

Shapes day was celebrated on 23rd July by Pre KG  students. Students were taught the basic shapes and their properties. Few activities were also done by them to know well about shapes.

Shapes day.jpg


02 Aug 2019
International Tiger Day

International Tiger’s Day was celebrated by the KG children on 29-7-2019. The children were welcomed by tigers which were decorated on the board and they were filled with enthusiasm. The objective of the celebration was to get the children to know more about the fascinating animal and also to create awareness about tiger conservation. The teachers explained the significance of the tigers and also inculcated the sensitivity of nature and wildlife. Interesting facts about tigers were screened for the children and they had great fun learning more about tigers. 

KG International Tigers Day.png


27 Jul 2019
KG - National Lollipop Day Celebration

The National Lollipop Day was celebrated by our KG children on 19-07-2019. The bulletin boards were decorated with lollipops to welcome our little children. The children were taught the vocabulary related to lollipop. The children along with the teachers danced for the songs related to lollipop. It was a fun filled day for the children. 

LKG Lollilop 1.png

LKG Lollilop 2.png


08 Jul 2019
LKG - International Fathers Day

Father’s Day was celebrated on 03-07-19. The main aim of celebrating  this day was to help students recognize the important role of their father in their lives.

Few students from each class was selected to speak few sentences about their father. The students showed their respect for fathers by means of speech.

The teachers insisted children about the sacrifice’s fathers do in their lives. They taught the importance of relationships and family values.

It was a memorable day for children.

LKG World Father day.jpg


04 Jul 2019
Pre KG - Soft Toy Day

Soft toy day was celebrated on 01.07.2019 .  Children were asked to bring soft toys of their choice from their home. All the toys were displayed in the class. Various games like exchange of toys, throwing and catching of toys and passing the toy were played in the class. Children enjoyed the celebration and participated with enthusiasm.

Pre KG Soft Toy day.jpg


Soft toy day was celebrated  with great enthusiasm on 01-07-19. Each child was asked to bring their favourite soft toy. Children came up with different soft toys.

The teachers along with children sang rhymes related to the toys. They narrated stories using the toys and taught children related vocabulary.

The children loved showing their toys to their friends and was very good at sharing with each other. They had fun by playing with their toys.

It was a joyous and fun filled day for children.

LKG Soft toy day.jpg


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16 Aug 2019
Swatantrata Diwas by Ms Reshma Sharma
25 Jul 2019
Poem by Mrs Janaki S
15 Jun 2019
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26 Feb 2019
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23 Nov 2018
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19 Jun 2019
Under Maintenence
07 Sep 2019
My Home’s Direction by Deshana Aditi of class VI A
07 Sep 2019
King of Kings by Gurumithra.K of class VI A
07 Sep 2019
My Little Pup by Ridusri.J of class VI A
07 Sep 2019
Rain’s Magic by Gurumithra.K of class VI A
27 Aug 2019
Oh! I didn’t finish my homework by Vijay Sri of class XI B
31 Aug 2019
Sahodaya School Complex - Kabaddi Tournament 2019-20 U-14 Girls
26 Aug 2019
Sahodaya School Complex - Kho Kho Tournament 2019-20
19 Aug 2019
Sahodaya School Complex - Kabaddi Tournament 2019-20
02 Aug 2019
Junior District Level Badminton Tournament
02 Aug 2019
Sahodaya Tennis Competition - Boys
04 Sep 2019
Thirty Third Meeting
28 Aug 2019
Thirty Second Meeting
21 Aug 2019
Thirty First Meeting
14 Aug 2019
Thirtieth Meeting
02 Aug 2019
Twenty Ninth Meeting
29 Aug 2019
Career Counselling Session - Classes XI and XII (Commerce)
29 Aug 2019
NCC Tree Plantation
28 Aug 2019
Career Counselling Programme By Akash Institute for classes XI and XI...
21 Aug 2019
Educational Conclave 2019
06 Aug 2019
Our beloved Dean and Director YGP Ma'am departs for her heavenly abode
27 Aug 2019
South Korea - My Favourite Destination by Srinithi Bhaskar of class XI
21 Aug 2019
Our Leader, World's Inspiration by Harshitha Pandey of class XI
02 Aug 2019
Interschool Group Dance Competition - Times of India - 2nd August
29 Jul 2019
MILMUN 2019- Times of India - 29th July 2019
23 Jul 2019
The working of an AI system - Sathyanarayan Sudharsan - Class XII
07 Sep 2019
Class 11 - One on One Challenge
05 Sep 2019
Class 8 - Teacher's Day
28 Aug 2019
Class 4 - Onam
28 Aug 2019
Class XII - JAM
27 Aug 2019
Classes 7 and 8 - Indoor Games
24 Jul 2019
25 Jun 2019
AQMEN QUIZ - 2019-20
17 Jun 2019
Keep in Touch Programme (KIT)
22 Mar 2019
UKG - Class Project
12 Mar 2019
Thyagaraja Aradhanai and Bhajan Sandhya
31 Jul 2019
Decennial Celebration - Inter School Dance Competition
01 Jul 2019
Decennial Year Inauguration
28 Aug 2019
KG - Krishna Jayanthi Celebration
16 Aug 2019
KG - Independence Day Celebration
02 Aug 2019
Pre KG - Shapes Day
02 Aug 2019
International Tiger Day
27 Jul 2019
KG - National Lollipop Day Celebration
02 Sep 2019
Bhagavad-Gita Chanting Competition
20 Aug 2019
Science Carnival - DPS
19 Aug 2019
Ayu Quiz
12 Aug 2019
Bhajan Competition- Jagannatha Swami Temple
12 Aug 2019
SOF Olympiad Winners 2018-19